Episode 83: How to turn buyer stories into powerful sales strategies with Elena Ciccotelli

Everyone is a salesperson.

You’re selling when you try to convince your partner to eat at the new steak house on Friday instead of your regular go-to Mexican restaurant.

When you suggest to your best friend to shop her wardrobe before buying another dress, she’ll only wear it to an event once that’s selling.

And when you’re inviting your dream clients to work, buy and spend time with you, that’s selling too.

A modern salesperson spends most of her days persuading, influencing and convincing others to invest money, spread ideas and part with resources.

Selling isn’t just about getting cash. It’s about moving people and helping them act.

If you want to fulfil your purpose, have a successful business, and do good for your community. You need to embrace this new definition of selling.

If you want to learn how to create your ethical sales strategy, listen to my conversation with my good friend and sales coach, Elena Ciccotelli.

In this episode, we chat about:

✨ What a sales strategy is and isn’t
✨ Why you feel icky when you sell (and what to do instead)
✨ 5 questions to ask before creating your strategy
✨ How to use the buyer trigger technique in your sales copy
✨ Why having a sales strategy is key to selling your offers on repeat

Elena Ciccotelli, a Jersey girl working in Silicon Valley tech (aka The Silicon Valley Sales Coach) is an entrepreneur who helps service-based solopreneurs sign new B2B clients with solid systems and a pop of personality.

Elena’s sales coaching business was born out of the intense desire to share what she’s learned during her extensive sales career at Lyft, over 10 years of bootstrapping a 6-figure personal training company, and her experience building a successful podcast from zero with other service-based solopreneurs.

Elena is the host of The Side Gig Central Podcast, has been featured on Forbes, Cheddar and NBC and recently won the prestigious Women in Retail award in 2021 presented by CarGurus and Automotive Remarketing. In February 2022, Elena was named one of the top Women In Automotive mentors at CARFAX.

Resources and Links:

Website: www.sidegigcentral.com/
Instagram: elena.salescoach
Freebies: The Five Questions You Need to Nail Your Sales Strategy 

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