I believe your business should SUPPORT your multi-passionate lifestyle.

Do you want the financial freedom to work less and CREATE more?


I embrace a multi-passionate approach to my career and life. I’m a copywriter, marketing coach and teacher, and I’ve been blending who I am with what I do for over 14 years.

I believe you DON’T need to compromise your values to make money.

Working with your clients should energise and inspire YOU.

You SHOULD show up even when you don’t feel worthy or ready.

And your business can SUPPORT you to become a respected leader, business owner and creator in your community.

The business world loves saying that you should get in the head of your ideal client, niche down and get strategic with your content. So I’m guessing you’re here because you want to know how to do that.

But if you find yourself hesitating because you’re afraid you’ll lose clients or you want to work with different people, or you’re not an expert yet, I don’t blame you. There’s a lot of bad advice when it comes to creating your services and marketing your business.

After running a successful service-based business, creating my own workshops, launching a podcast, and speaking at business events internationally, I’ve learned a thing or two about how people get trapped in client rut and a lousy content marketing cycle. And how to get them focused and growing again.

My job is to help you make a game plan, build a signature service, and create content with confidence, so you can finally work with dreamy clients and run a business that supports your lifestyle. I’ve helped over 3,000 people, and I can help you too.

how did i get here?

I was desperate to say goodbye to my 9-5 office job that was running my LIFE, sapping my energy and killing my creativity.

I had big plans for my business: I was going to work with dreamy clients who inspired me, make enough money to take a trip overseas once a year and finally have time to write my memoir. I’m sure as a fellow business owner, you understand. So in 2014 (after two years of side-hustling) I decided to go all in and run my business full time.

Even though I had degrees in Journalism and Business on top of years working for someone else, it didn’t prepare me for running a business. I had no clue how to enforce late fees, negotiate deadlines or create contracts. Not to mention, articulate my skills and expertise, get great testimonials, pick a niche and package my services. I relied solely on referrals and accepted any work that was sent my way.

My business life felt exactly the same as my 9-5 life, but I didn’t know how to change it.


I believed that a great opportunity was around the next corner and then everything would be different. I just had to push a little bit harder, take on one more job and ignore the churning in my gut.

I still remember the day everything DID change for me. I was so exhausted I couldn’t decide what brand of cheese to buy for the pizza we were making that night, so I just stood in the supermarket aisle and cried.

It was the wakeup call I needed. I was never going to work with purpose-driven clients, visit Bali or write a book unless I completely transformed my business. So I created work-life boundaries, stopped customising every job, learned what content sells and focused on building the best customer experience possible.

And do you know what happened? High-quality, high-paying clients started coming to me. My online community grew. My content marketing worked. I started getting regular writing gigs. I was asked to speak at events and workshops. I began writing a book and launched a podcast. My business was not only providing me financial freedom, it was also supporting my multi-passionate lifestyle.


if you’re ready to —

make a game plan, build a signature service and
create content with confidence
, here’s how I can help.

Now is the time to say YES to working less, creating more and embracing a multi-passionate lifestyle.


Launch your signature service.


Create content with confidence.


Gain your creative freedom.


Grow your business.

And in case you wanted to know more about the woman behind the initials RK…


I was born in Tasmania but now live on the mainland aka Melbourne, Australia (I have no idea what we talked about before MONA). My last name is Polish and you pronounce it cush-ip. Kind of like if you put the words cushion and zip together.

My personal writing has been featured in some of my favourite publications both in Australia and internationally. My essay, Other People’s Houses, was published in an anthology titled We Are Here: Stories of Home, Place and Belonging by Affirm Press in 2019. I’m also in the process of writing my first book, a memoir on what it’s like to overcome childhood trauma.

I speak regularly at events and festivals on all things communication, writing, and running a business. I also run my masterclasses a few times a year and teach media and communications at universities across Melbourne.

Travelling is my drug of choice: I’ve travelled to nearly 40 countries and have lived in England and Bangladesh. I’m the mother of 38 indoor plants. I work from my home office in matching tracksuit sets and I own more scarves than I could ever hope to wear.