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Get in touch using the form below or email me: rachel (at) rachelkurzyp (dot) com (dot) au

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How much one-on-one time do I get with you?
We will have a 30-minute Zoom call at the start of the program. PLUS, a 1-hour Zoom call once a fortnight where I can answer your questions face-to-face and provide detailed feedback on the work you’ve completed. If you have any questions you can send me a DM on Instagram or WhatsApp and I’ll send you a voice message back within 24-hours. I’ll also be reviewing and editing your content + marketing plans, sales copy, freebie and social media profiles myself.
How many hours can I expect to work on this each week?
Watching the video lessons and completing the action items will take you 3-5 hours per week. Weeks 6, 8 and 10 when you are writing your sales copy, creating your freebie and crafting your launch content will take you 5-10 hours depending on what you decide to create.
What if I already have a signature service?
Many of my students are in the same place. They use this coaching program to refresh, rebrand and relaunch their existing services. Past students have said going through the process step-by-step has helped them work out any kinks and enhance their content marketing skills.
Is it OK if I have no idea what my signature service should be?
Totally! This is what the program is for. We’re going to start by clarifying your expertise and then talk to your dream clients so we can see what problems they need solved and how you can help. It’s actually better if you come into the program with an open mind so you can create a signature service your audience needs instead of building one you think they want.
I don’t know who my dream clients are either. Is that going to be a problem?
Nope. You don’t need to have this figured out just yet either. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can determine who your dream client is and find out where they have been hiding! It’s one of the first steps we’ll work through together.
I’m not a writer and struggle to create sales copy and content. Will you help me?
Writing copy and teaching others to do the same is my jam. My video lessons, digital workbooks and downloadable templates make the writing process easier. I’ll also be reviewing and providing detailed feedback on everything you create so you can be confident that your dream clients will love it.


How many hours can I expect to work on this each week?

Watching the video lessons and completing the action items will take you 2-3 hours per week.

How long do I have access?

How does lifetime access sound? You will have unlimited access to this course + all updates for as long as you like - across all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase so we do provide a 7-day money-back guarantee on all our courses. However, there is an expectation that you will have used your best efforts to actively participate and incorporate any strategies from the course.

So to qualify for a refund, you must send an email to rachel@rachelkurzyp.com.au within 7 days of purchase and provide completed coursework to support that you actively participated in the course as well as any other evidence to support the output of any course work and your active participation.

We will inform you within 14 days of receipt of your request whether a refund is applicable and where we have determined that a refund is due, we will organise prompt payment via our payment provider.