Episode 82: How to create a profitable sales experience with Susan Reoch

Having a functional, accessible, and profitable website is essential for online businesses.

Nothing is worse than landing on a website and being bombarded with pop-ups. Scrolling up and down, trying to find the ‘buy now’ button. Closing the chat box on every page. And getting ‘Whoops’ errors.

If you’re not making sales, it may be because your website doesn’t have a clear customer journey.

If you want to learn how to remove user frustration, listen to my conversation with my good friend UX Copywriter & Strategist, Susan Reoch.

In this episode, we chat about:

✨ What UX copywriting is
✨ Why UX is essential for quality content
✨ The value of UX copywriters
✨ How to improve the usability of your website
✨ Where websites go wrong with UX

Susan Reoch is a UX copywriting expert who’s spent the last 10 years writing razor-sharp web copy for everyone from bookkeepers to Booking.com. She teaches other copywriters how to get ahead with UX in her weekly newsletter “The UX Factor” and inside her group coaching program UX to Profit.

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