Episode 63: Creating a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy with Kirsty Pask

If you’re ready to receive the clients, money and attention you’ve been craving in your business, listen to my conversation with my good friend and coaching client, Kristy Pask.
In this episode, we chat about:
✨ Why having a holistic marketing plan is so important
✨ The benefits of multi-channel marketing
✨ What to consider when adding new marketing channels to your business
✨ How to plan for success (sales, visibility and more!)
✨ Questions to ask when deciding what marketing channels to use

Kristy Pask is a Marketing, Business and Mindset Coach

With over 14 years experience in Marketing, Kristy has worked with over 50 brands to develop and execute global, national and local marketing, social media, PR and wholesale strategies, and is now on a mission to bring together everything she has learned about business and marketing (and continues to learn) to help small businesses owners.

With her multi-channel approach, Kristy has helped her clients launch new brands, make their first sales, scale their business from inconsistent $2-5k months to consistent $30k months, supported them as they brought on their first employees, moved into their first warehouses and is passionate about supporting small business owners as they build their own creative and profitable business that ultimately supports their dream lifestyle.
A self confessed marketing nerd and recovering perfectionist, Kristy’s goal is to simplify marketing and help small business owners ditch the overwhelm and stop procrastinating, and instead focus on building momentum while gaining clarity and confidence as they grow their business.

Website: https://kristypask.com/
Podcast: https://thebusinessofperfectionism.buzzsprout.com/

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