Episode 26: My go-to email launch sequence

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Today I want to chat about email launch sequences.

I often get asked what a launch sequence should look like and what should be included in each email.

If you’re anything like I was, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed about email marketing.

Many of the email launch sequences shared on Instagram are full-on. I’m taking 20+ emails, multiple entry and exit points, lots of personalisation, and so on. This is great when 1. you have nailed a simple email launch sequence before (that’s what I’m going to help you to do today) and 2. When you have multiple services, programs and products that you’re selling at the same time and you want to move your dream clients through your offers.

However, if you’re a service-based business owner who wants to start using email to sell your services, keep on listening because this episode is for you.

My go-to email launch sequence is 4 emails and I recommend sending these over a 7-day period. So let’s dive into what each email should look like and what you can include.

Email #1 – Doors are open

You want to send this email on the first day of your launch sequence. The purpose of this email is to let people know about your service or offer and why they need to take action now.

Headlines like: are you ready to [result] or doors are open [name of service] work really well. In this email, I like to let my dream client know that I understand their problems and frustrations AND just as importantly, the results they want and the goals they have for their business.

I like to share a client story or personal story to illustrate this. I always explain why I decided to create the service and what it is about the service that will help them reach their goals e.g. 1:1 support or a 3-step framework.

I then wrap up the email by sharing why they need to take action now so details about bonuses or limited spots or special introductory price.

And then finish by saying what they need to do or what the process looks like to start working together.

Email #2 – Your why + a soft call to action

I send this email on the 3rd day of the launch sequence.

Headlines like Stop doing ___? And This is why ___ isn’t working! Work really well. In this email, I share either a relevant personal experience, a transformation or ah-hah moment or a philosophical issue that is important to me OR I do a similar thing from my client’s point of view.

For example, I talk about niching as a multi-passionate entrepreneur a lot. And I know many of my clients are having similar experiences so often I use their stories too (with permission of course).

I then explain the features and benefits of the service and the results clients can expect before wrapping up with information about the bonus or limited offer and what they need to do next.

I finish the email with a client testimonial that addresses a common hesitation when considering hiring me.

Email #3: Teach + direct call to action

I send this email on the 3rd day of the launch sequence.

Headlines like Why you don’t think ___ will work for you, but it totally will! This is the #1 question I am always asked, work well.
In this email, I share a learning, action, tip or provide detailed advice about one of the most pressing problems my dream client has. I often repurpose content from a loved blog post, podcast episode on Instagram post. I do this to demonstrate my knowledge and expertise and provide my dream client with an opportunity to see what it’s like to work with me. Helping your client have a win build trust and this is really important.

I then explain the transformation that my clients go through when working with me. So I use statements like you will go from X to X. And I use client testimonials to support this.

I then finish the email with a strong call to action. And invite them to email me if they have any questions.

Email #4 – FAQ and direct call to action

I send this email on the final day of the launch sequence.

I often use the headline Wondering if [ service name ] is what you need?

I then answer all the common questions I have been receiving. Usually the top 3-5. I then share testimonials or screenshots of people who have recently signed up e.g. yay, I can’t wait to get started or this is exactly what I need.

I then restate the features and benefits of the service and the results clients can expect. I then share the information about the bonus or limited offer and what they need to do next. And finally, let them know that this is the last opportunity they have to work with me at this time or in this capacity, at this price.

To wrap up here’s what you need to have ready if you want to create a buy-me-now email launch sequence.

  1. Your why or brand story
  2. A deep understanding of your dream client’s problems and goals
  3. Features and benefits of your service and the results you can provide
  4. Your process – how does someone work with you
  5. Testimonials and case studies

So there you have it, my go-to email launch sequence for service-based entrepreneurs.

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