Let’s work together

The 1:1 coaching program for multi-passionate women who want to create an ALIGNED, ETHICAL and PROFITABLE business their way, on their terms.

What if YOU were the secret sauce, missing piece, mystical unicorn that you’ve been searching for?


I see you…


Investing thousands of dollars in products, courses and programs but still not feeling connected to the business you’ve built around you. 

Convincing yourself that everyone in your industry is doing things the same way because your ideas for change aren’t needed

Holding yourself back until you’ve hit financial milestones and arbitrary vanity metrics so you can be deemed worthy of an opinion. 

My clients choose to work with me because after being told repeatedly by the online business space that they aren’t enough, aren’t doing enough and don’t have enough; they need someone to look them in the eye and say “I know exactly how you feel, and there’s another way.”

Hi, I’m Rachel

I’m a Business and Marketing Coach for MULTI-PASSIONATE business owners who have big plans for their life.

Blending my unique experience, knowledge, and skillsets is what allowed me to start my own successful business, launch my writing career, live and work overseas, and become a speaker and teacher, all before the age of 30.

For too long, the business space has sold us the bro marketing way of doing things. And when we can’t make it work, we’re told to blame ourselves. You’re not showing up enough. You haven’t set your email funnels up correctly. You need to charge more.

If you’ve tried, tested, and tweaked but still feel some resistance (even if you’re working with your dream clients and growing your income), you may be out of alignment.

You don’t need to be more, do more and have more to experience the success you’re craving in your business. You already have the answers; you just need to listen to what your inner voice is telling you.

Then you’ll know that it is possible to become a booked out business and expert in your niche without choosing between your passions, compromising your values to make money, and using unethical tactics to gain financial freedom.

I don’t know about you, but I’m done filing down my sharp edges from fear of sticking out online.

That’s why I’m not here to teach you a this-is-what worked-for-me approach to business. Instead, I’m going to support you to define what having an abundant, ethical and profitable business looks like for you so you can take your business vision and make it a reality.

Imagine IF

You knew what strategies and processes worked for you so you could remain focused, consistent and plan ahead.

You could speak to your frameworks, sales messages and offers with ease because you had redefined what being a leader looks like to you.

Your business financially supported you, so you were free to enjoy your multi-passionate lifestyle.

You were able to work with dream clients every day who inspire, educate and encourage you to hone your craft and create your best work.

Your business represented your values, vision and hopes for a better world, providing you with a sense of purpose and strength.


Rachel’s 1:1 coaching is unlike any other business coaching I’ve participated in since the beginning of my business. She is attentive and knowledgeable and is able to give you the motivation and push you need to take the next steps in your business, while still respecting your boundaries. The difference I’ve seen between Rachel and other coaches is that she’s actually been there – she’s built a service-based business before using the exact methods she teaches you, so you know there’s actually a practical basis for what she’s telling you. 

Even with my background in marketing and content creation, Rachel taught me so much about marketing strategy, content strategy and visibility. Since working together I feel more confident in my ideas and authority and I’m approaching people to share my expertise.

Every conversation was tailored to me and to my needs, with specific actionable advice I could take to actually grow my business. I loved that it wasn’t one-size-fits-all coaching. I would absolutely sign up to work with Rachel again and feel comfortable recommending her to any business who needs structure, support and accountability in their lives!”

— Laura Gosney, Website Designer


I’ve worked with Rachel many times. And every time, I always gain so much from our coaching calls, the templates she sends and the webinars she facilitates. She unties the knots, gets me through hoops, and opens up possibilities for me to consider and do!

Aside from the strategies, tools and materials, Rachel reminds me to start with myself: what do I want, how do I like doing things, what’s my preference, and what feels true. She reminds me that I’m an integral part of the business, and really, to listen and take care of myself so I can run a business that’s aligned, of service and thriving.

With Rachel’s help, I launched my first webinar confidently and it was a success! And I expanded my network of people in my industry. I also feel more confident making decisions, have clarity in my direction and timelines and can write my copy more strategically.

— Anna Manuel, Story Coach and Educational Consultant

The 1:1 coaching program you’ve been searching for


While others tell you what to do, I show you HOW to do it and CO-CREATE with you.


Building on my “life-changing” program The Creative Freedom Method, and the much-loved course Create Content with Confidence, this coaching program is part mindset, part strategy and part implementation. 

BUT it is tailored to you, so once I know where you’d like to focus your time, energy, and creativity, I can create a plan that supports your business goals.

This program is designed for business owners who benefit from personalised support, crave accountability, and want a partner in their business who is right there co-creating with them. 

Together we will identify opportunities and areas for growth so you can continue building a sustainable and profitable business. 

This means we can create your content marketing strategy, get you published in your favourite publications, launch your first course, create your sales strategy, hire your first team member and everything in between.

At the end of our time together, you’ll walk away…

Feeling clear on what you want to achieve in your business, how you best work, your leadership style and your preferred business model.

Knowing how to show up, serve and sell in your business in a way that aligns with your values, ethics and relationships.

With your signature frameworks, offer suite and content marketing plan that will call in your dream clients and allow you to claim your expertise. 

Here’s what’s included inside the program


This program meets you where you’re at. If a lack of GUIDANCE, ACCOUNTABILITY and COMMUNITY have stopped you from taking action in the past, that’s all about to change.

An online form will help me get to know you better and understand where you’re currently at and where you want to be to set the scene and prioritise for the next 3-6 months.


60-minute 1:1 coaching calls every two weeks where we will dig deeper into any mindset, strategy, or implementation areas in your business that need our intention.


Daily access to me via voice message on Voxer Monday-Friday for any questions, concerns or opportunities that come up that you’d like my support with.



Weekly content/copy review where you can share with me what you’re working on (e.g. email launch copy, business plan), and I can provide detailed feedback and suggestions.


Recordings of our Zoom sessions and any workbooks, materials and exercises you require to support thinking, learning and implementation.


Invitations to join my live workshops and attend private trainings from industry experts for free so you can continue to grow, learn and connect with others.


Let’s work together

I can’t wait to support you inside the coaching program.


A deposit of $500 AUD is required to secure your coaching spot, with payments commencing once you start the program. Start date will be determined on the call. Price includes GST for Australian residents.


“Rachel is great to work with if you want to get clear on your customer journey and how to align your services effectively. I always had the ideas in my head for my sales funnel and the freebies and resources I wanted to create, but I was never confident that they were right for my business.

Rachel helps you map all this out with easy-to-follow worksheets and coaching calls, to get to the core of what will work for your customers. Because deep down you know it, you just need someone like Rachel to help you bring it all together.

By simplifying my services and getting clear on my message, I had a $7k month followed by a $10k month. I’ve launched a new resource and created a giveaway for it, and, using Rachel’s launch strategies, my ‘giveaway’ reel to launch my new paid resource got nearly 5,000 views, 50 entries and gave me direct access to at least 4 quality dream client leads that I can now contact directly.

I also grew my online community and saw my Instagram followers go up from 320 to 425 followers over 3 months. I loved working with Rachel and I can’t wait to sign up for my next 3 months later in the year when I’m at the next stage of my business!”

—Rachel Clark, SEO Website Designer


“Any programs I embark on in the future will be hard-pressed to beat the level of service and expertise that Rachel provided me. I am a visual learner, and the way Rachel’s program is constructed helped me to get so much out of her coaching program. The combination of video trainings, workbooks, 1:1 coaching and regular feedback on my work was the thing that made Rachel’s program stand out from the rest.

Everything I’ve learned from Rachel, I continuously use in my business, even now when I’m launching new products in my range. The strategies and techniques she teaches work every single time; I sold over 45 products in less than 24 hours using one of Rachel’s email and Instagram post-sales templates. I was surprised time and time again by how helpful she was. Rachel adjusted her teachings for me to make sure I could access everything properly for my hearing loss, which I was so grateful for.”

—Courtney Baker, Earring Designer

This coaching program IS for you if…

You identify as a multi-passionate creative, small business owner, coach or consultant who sells services, products, coaching, consulting or group programs.

You need holistic support across all areas of your business, from processes to hiring staff to launching to content marketing.

You want a partner in your business who sees your vision, can hold a brave space for you to learn and grow and understands the challenges of stepping into the role of CEO.

You’re seeking a coaching experience that takes your individual learning style, knowledge, skills and experience into consideration.

You want to learn the mindsets, strategies and frameworks you need to generate more time, money, clients and creativity in your business.

You want to be seen and heard so you can use your business to have a positive impact on the lives of your family, clients and community.

This coaching program ISN’T for you if…

You run an e-commerce business, are an MLM consultant or have never worked with clients 1:1 in a service-based industry. This program is for people who have had experience with clients even if your business is new.

You’re looking for quick fixes, plug-in-play templates and a one-size-fits business model. Just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for you.

You’re not open to new ideas, learning different ways of doing things and stepping outside your comfort zone. Having a growth mindset is key to your success. 

You believe hiring a coach will solve all the problems and challenges you are experiencing in your business. At the end of the day, I can’t do the work for you; you need to show up, serve and sell in your business. 


“I chose to work with Rachel because I needed to find some clarity about the next steps to take so I could get closer to work life balance and understand what areas of my business needed the most attention. Rachel helped me to see that I had been so busy working IN my business that I had neglected working on IT. Together, we mapped out my client systems and processes so I could get my time back.

Rachel is the real deal and her coaching program is one of the most through programs I’ve seen. If you need someone to give you the real talk and pat on the shoulder that you need to realise what you need to do to embrace the life you want, then you should go for it. You will have the time and clarity back that you’ve been desperately needing.”

—Julia Ferracane, PR Consultant


Working with Rach has been amazing; I feel more confident in myself now that I’ve shifted my mindset from employee to CEO. Before we started, I felt disorganised, unsure in my decisions, and a little bit like I was making things up as I go. Rachel helped unlock a lot of what was already there, I just wasn’t tapping into it or didn’t know how to access because I was overwhelmed by my new reality – the freelancing world. 

We kicked every goal we aimed for: I increased my rates, gained clarity on who my dream clients are and mapped out what services I offer. I’m so excited for 2022 and putting what I’ve learned over the past 3 months into action. I’d highly recommend working with Rachel because she understood my business problems in a way that other coaches without her experience may not.

—Emma Agius, Content Strategist & Copywriter

If you’re ready to get clear on your VISION, call in your dream CLIENTS, launch life-changing OFFERS, and claim your EXPERTISE, then this is the 1:1 coaching program for you.


A deposit of $500 AUD is required to secure your coaching spot, with payments commencing once you start the program. Start date will be determined on the call. Price includes GST for Australian residents.


I decided to work with Rachel because I was at a real low point in my business where I was only attracting low-paying clients and taking on any work I could get for the money. I knew then something had to change. Enter Rachel and my gosh, what a game changer! I have absolutely loved working with Rachel – her “straight-up” and “no fluff” approach, combined with the fact that she has been in the same situation meant that I was always guaranteed to walk away at the end of the program with something tangible.

Not only did Rachel challenge me to deal with so many limiting beliefs holding me back, but she also helped me to realise how possible it is to run your business on your terms. Now I’m attracting more of my dream clients who value the work I do, increasing my prices, getting booked 2 months in advance and working on bigger and more interesting projects. All the while, being able to stop working late nights and weekends and take a day or two off without feeling immense guilt. Working with Rachel has changed my life.”

—Korii Scrivener, Website Designer & Developer


I could tell straight away that Rachel absolutely ‘got’ my business and vision and that she genuinely cared, wanted to help and had a wealth of knowledge. I was struggling to own my expertise, understand who my ideal clients were and create my signature framework – I was feeling overwhelmed by the whole process. Rachel helped me to lead with my content creation and do less work but have more impact and uncover my niche so I can truly help people. 

Now I’m attracting the ‘right’ people into my community and getting “I’d love to work with you in 2022′ comments. Working with Rachel felt casual and I felt comfortable to share everything with her. I always walked away from every call or Voxer chat feeling so supported, guided and like every conversation was getting my closer and helping me more the needle in my business. I am so ready for the next step and I feel more comfortable being uncomfortable thanks to Rachel.”

— Kristy Pask, Mindset & Marketing Coach

Still wondering if 1:1 coaching is what you NEED? I get it.


I understand that investing in business coaching is an investment, and for many of my clients this is the first time they have invested this amount of money in their business. So if you’re feeling equal parts nervous and excited right now, know that many have been where you are.

Now is the time to trust that you already have everything you need to turn your vision into reality. Even if your business vision isn’t as clear as you’d like it to be and you’re unsure what your next steps should be. 

That’s where I come in. I’ll support you to gain the clarity and confidence you need to take empowered action that will lead to the clients, money and attention you’ve been craving. But I can only do this if you believe that your success is inevitable. 

If you’re ready to find out what an aligned business looks like for you, then I’d love to speak with you

Having a chat allows us to see if we’d be a good fit for each other before making a 3-6 month commitment (I work with most of my clients for 12-18 months). 

You’ll have the opportunity to ask me questions about the program, and I can learn more about you and your business. 

A coaching spot will be reserved for you for 72 hours after our call so that you have the space to decide if the program is speaking to you.

There is no obligation to join the program after our call. And if you decide it’s not a great fit right now, you’ll still walk away with my suggested next steps. This is truly a sales process where everyone feels empowered and seen.

Prefer to chat via email or over DMs? Send an email to rachel@rachelkurzyp.com.au or DM me here


Rachel is the perfect blend of understanding and supportive and ‘just do it’. She gave us space when we needed it and pushed us when needed.

Before working together we were struggling to communicate effectively with potential new clients about why they needed our services and how to connect with them on a personal level while also sharing technical knowledge.

Rachel and her coaching program have helped us consolidate our business and get in touch with our core values, and key messages and helped us to transform this into real connections with real dream clients. Now our online community is growing, we’re getting more client interactions and clients are even sharing on socials their appreciation for our services.”

Dr Lucy Keith, Chiropractor


Before working with Rachel I was in a bit of a slow period in business and knew I needed to shake something up. I had a lot of ideas but was feeling overwhelmed with where to spend my time and energy and which direction I wanted to go in.

With Rachel’s support I launched and hosted my first successful online workshop and signed several 1:1 clients out of that process. I also had a media appearance on a TV show! And even several months later I’m still seeing the results of the work I did with Rachel’s support to become more visible.

I’m feeling super confident with how I approach launches and am now launching another workshop with the systems that Rachel helped me get in place. Working with Rachel has given me a greater sense of clarity around what steps I need to take to reach my goals and this trickles all the way through into my content and copy as well.

I’m super grateful for Rachel and her coaching program and am continuing to gain a lot of value from it even months later. If you’re looking for support with content creation, marketing strategies, and launch structures Rachel is the perfect person to support you.

Sam Block, Branding and Mindset Coach

It is possible to create an ALIGNED, ETHICAL and PROFITABLE business your way, on your terms.

I’ve witnessed my clients go from looking externally for quick fixes to trusting their internal compass once they have the support, guidance and accountability they need to turn their business vision into actionable goals.

And I want this for you too. Let’s chat about how I can support you.