Are you ready to build your SIGNATURE SERVICE, attract your dream clients and start enjoying FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

Enrol in my 12-week one-on-one coaching program

You’ll learn how to find your niche, package up + launch your services and create content that draws your high-paying, high-quality clients to you.

it’s time to dream big —

Whether you’re ready to take your business to the next level, become a to-go expert in your community, or have enough financial freedom to go on holiday or write that memoir, this 12-week coaching program will take you one step closer to making this happen.

Is this you right now?

You’re anxious about checking your inbox because you know your clients will be asking you to do a task that is outside of the project scope or requires after hours work. You’re always cancelling dinner plans with friends so you can accommodate last-minute client requests.

You’re constantly writing email reminders to your clients urging them to send you materials or to do the work you both agreed on. At the end of the day, you’re so mentally and physically drained the last thing you want to do is work on your business, so you go to bed feeling unfulfilled and frustrated.

You spend hours replying to people’s stories on Instagram, crafting blog posts and newsletters for your readers, but these activities only get you the same-old b-grade clients who take weeks to reply to proposals and stand you up, leaving you deflated and wondering how you’re supposed to find your dream clients.

You find yourself thinking that clients don’t want to pay for high-quality, high-priced services and you’re afraid to stop offering customised services in case you can’t find any clients who are willing to pay. So you keep taking little jobs here and there that barely cover the cost of your rent.

Testimonial -

“Rachel is one of those rare people who genuinely wants to help people reach their true potential.

She is understanding, empathetic and patient. Rachel helped me create my signature packages for my Advertising Consultancy Business and has also been more than happy to answer my calls just when I need to chat over any road blocks. Rachel had all the tools, skills and expertise I needed to help me move my business forward.”

—Kate Unsworth

imagine if —

You were excited to hear from your clients and wanted to show up for them regularly, but could still log off at the end of the day without the fear of returning to a crisis in the morning or adding 15 new items to your to-do list.

Your clients turned up and did the work allowing you to focus on delivering superb customer-service and results, leaving you feeling fulfilled and inspired.

You knew exactly what to post on Instagram, your blog and newsletters so you could attract your dream clients who were excited to hear from you and valued what you have to offer.

And you finally launched your signature service allowing you to provide high value, life-changing work that your dream clients were willing (and lining up) to pay for.

Testimonial -

“Rachel is able to take overwhelming information and translate it into actionable steps and remove the complexities surrounding content creation and finding your ideal clients. She helped me discover, and have the confidence I needed to target my ideal client.”

Sophia Colquhoun

The Creative Freedom Method

Is a 12-week one-on-one coaching program

You’ll receive video lessons that will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a signature service

Digital workbooks, and fill-in-the-blank templates, so you never have to start from scratch

Fortnightly hour-long coaching calls where I can provide detailed feedback on the work you’ve completed

And daily access to me via voice messaging so you can have your questions answered

If you have multiple unread eBooks sitting on your desktop and you’re done buying online courses that you never finish or trying to apply strategies from multiple experts’ webinars, then The Creative Freedom Method is for you. While others tell you what to do, I show you how to do it AND co-create with you.

This is a one-on-one coaching program designed to take you through the process of creating, building and launching a client-based service. You’ll receive personalised feedback, daily support and ongoing accountability so you can overcome the roadblocks that have kept you from designing your signature service, attracting your dream clients, and gaining financial freedom on your own.

Here’s how it works —

Each week we’ll work together to conquer a different part of your branding, online presence, services, and content marketing strategy.

WEEK 1 —

Determine your unique strengths, skill sets and knowledge so you can set yourself apart.

WEEK 2 —

Identify who your dream clients are and the problem they need solved.

WEEK 3 —

Create a signature service that solves this exact problem.

WEEK 4 —

Test your new service, so you know your solution works.

WEEK 5 —

Craft your brand story and key messages so you can attract your dream clients.

WEEK 6 —

Write your sales copy so your clients will be lining up to work with you.

WEEK 7 —

Improve your website to turn regular visitors into clients.

WEEK 8 —

Create and set-up a freebie to build a community interested in what you have to offer.

WEEK 9 —

Design a launch plan for your social media platforms, blog and email list.

WEEK 10 —

Launch your signature service.

WEEK 11 —

Setup evergreen content that can be used to sell your service 24/7.

WEEK 12 —

Collect glowing testimonials that show how your signature service changes lives.

Testimonial -

“Rachel not only provided a whole host of insightful answers to my questions, she helped me completely redefine the questions!
The highlight of the program was when I realised I was working from a faulty premise: that I knew who my target market was, when in fact it didn’t suit me at all. Shifting my thinking about that helped me to see a whole host of new opportunities that would actually be fulfilling and enjoyable. I could never have gained new insight about my business and brand on my own.”

— Nicole Shuttleworth

This one-on-one coaching program is for you if . . .

You’re regularly booked out with b-grade clients and are ready to start working with highpaying, high-quality clients who value your skills, knowledge and expertise.

You have a blog, email list, and social media presence, but you haven’t seen the engagement or growth you’ve been hoping for.

You know you need to set boundaries, put processes and systems in place and create business goals, but you don’t know where to start and are afraid if you stop, your business will suffer.

You’re ready to stop customising services for every client and create a signature service but are nervous about making the switch and aren’t sure how to make a smooth transition.

You want your business to provide you with financial freedom so you can focus on your business growth, building your authority and pursuing your creative projects.

Testimonial -

“Rachel helped me to understand how branding carries over into content planning for social media, my website, and newsletter – it’s so simple and doable!

I now feel more confident in choosing what I want my audience to know about me and what I offer.”

— Anna Manuel

The Create Freedom Method will help you…

Find out what services your dream clients want and the problems they need solved

Create, build and launch a signature service that brings all your dream clients to you
Craft your brand story and inject your personality into your sales copy
Establish yourself as an expert in your niche and shape how your clients see you
Put in place boundaries and processes that will support your business to grow
Automate your content strategy so you can you achieve your financial goals
Improve your website to keep visitors taking action to connect with you further

Testimonial -

Rachel’s communication is always honest, succinct, kind and useful. She has a way of wording constructive feedback in a way that makes you feel valued.

After working with Rachel, I felt motivated, inspired and confident that getting my writing published was possible. I also felt more knowledgeable with Rachel’s insight, tips and advice too. Rachel went above and beyond; I didn’t expect to receive so much attention to detail, education and value, but Rachel naturally brings this to the table in all her work.

Heather Currie

By the end of the program you’ll . . 

Actually enjoy working and spending time with your clients and look forward to coming to work each morning.

Feel confident and purposeful in the value you provide and the results you’re able to help your clients achieve.

Feel positive about the content you’re creating because your engagement is growing, you’re building your authority and it’s turning followers into clients!

And of course, have a signature service that your dream clients are lining up to pay for so you can finally be one of those business owners who can take a week off in Bali to sit by the pool sipping cocktails or spend every Friday working on their debut novel.


I spend my days helping female business owners create, build and launch their signature service so they too can attract high-paying, high-quality clients.

But if you find yourself hesitating because you’re afraid you’ll lose money or you want to work with different people, or you’re not an expert yet, I don’t blame you. There’s a lot of bad advice when it comes to creating your services and marketing your business.

That’s why it took me nearly four years to make the transition. In the early days, I was consumed by my business, unable to get off the 24-7 entrepreneur hamster wheel because I was afraid to stop customising and convinced that clients wouldn’t pay for high-quality, high-priced services.

It wasn’t until I enforced work boundaries, began delivering valuable, life-changing results and used content marketing to consistently show up in my business that I no longer had to worry about finding my dream clients, they found me.

In that time, I learned a thing or two about how people get trapped in a client rut and a lousy content marketing cycle. And how to get them focused and growing again.

My job is to help you identify your niche, build a signature service, and launch with confidence, so you can finally work with your dream clients and run a business that supports your lifestyle. I’ve helped over 3,000 people across my programs and workshops, and I can help you too.

I believe you DON’T need to compromise your values to make money. Working with your client’s should ENERGISE and inspire you. And your business can SUPPORT you to become financially independent and live your multi-passionate lifestyle. We shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Are you ready to build your SIGNATURE SERVICE, attract your dream clients and start enjoying financial freedom in just 12 weeks…

$3,000 AUD

This price is all-inclusive.

Testimonial -

“Rachel gave me such valuable advice on writing content. Her simple and easy to implement suggestions made a huge difference to my ads and my engagement on Facebook.

She has such an easy manner of communication and makes things I don’t understand well very accessible”

— Rebecca Duffield

Testimonial -

“Rachel has a breadth of insight, resources, and experience.

Her probing questions helped me to clarify my ideas and business direction, and she saved me so much time.

Lyndsey Jackson

FAQs —

How much one-on-one time do I get with you?
We will have a 30-minute Zoom call at the start of the program. PLUS, a 1-hour Zoom call once a fortnight where I can answer your questions face-to-face and provide detailed feedback on the work you’ve completed. If you have any questions you can send me a DM on Instagram or WhatsApp and I’ll send you a voice message back within 24-hours. I’ll also be reviewing and editing your content + marketing plans, sales copy, freebie and social media profiles myself.
How many hours can I expect to work on this each week?
Watching the video lessons and completing the action items will take you 3-5 hours per week. Weeks 6, 8 and 10 when you are writing your sales copy, creating your freebie and crafting your launch content will take you 5-10 hours depending on what you decide to create.
What if I already have a signature service?
Many of my students are in the same place. They use this coaching program to refresh, rebrand and relaunch their existing services. Past students have said going through the process step-by-step has helped them work out any kinks and enhance their content marketing skills.
Is it OK if I have no idea what my signature service should be?
Totally! This is what the program is for. We’re going to start by clarifying your expertise and then talk to your dream clients so we can see what problems they need solved and how you can help. It’s actually better if you come into the program with an open mind so you can create a signature service your audience needs instead of building one you think they want.
I don’t know who my dream clients are either. Is that going to be a problem?
Nope. You don’t need to have this figured out just yet either. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can determine who your dream client is and find out where they have been hiding! It’s one of the first steps we’ll work through together.
I’m not a writer and struggle to create sales copy and content. Will you help me?
Writing copy and teaching others to do the same is my jam. My video lessons, digital workbooks and downloadable templates make the writing process easier. I’ll also be reviewing and providing detailed feedback on everything you create so you can be confident that your dream clients will love it.

Any other questions? Send me a DM on Instagram @rachel_kurzyp_writes or email me at