How to write compelling copy

I recently spoke with Matt Romania from the Razor Sharp Show. This time on the show I’m talking all things copywriting. I also spoke on the show a few months back about personal branding, writing and homelessness.

I’m a big believer that great writing skills can be taught. Gone are the days when you had to join a secret, special group to be classed as a writer. We’re devouring content faster and in larger quantities than ever which means we all need to become writers. What type of writer you become and how you want to write is up to you. However, there are some tested formulas and general writing advice that will making your daily writing adventures that much easier. I only wish I’d known about them sooner.

If you’re a newbie writer or small business owner that’s sweating over writing compelling copy listen to the podcast now. I share all my copywriting secrets.

We talk all things copywriting

  • What makes compelling copy
  • Three ways to get to know your audience
  • How auditing your own website and marketing materials
  • How to write something from scratch using simple copywriting formulas
  • Features of a great call to action
  • Editing tips for clarity
  • Recommended writing resources

Here are some handy resources I’ve put together to get you started:

Here are some of my favourite copywriting resources:

Keen to get some 1 – on – 1 copywriting advice? Or is your copy in need of a little polish?

You’re in luck. I offer coaching and training sessions for newbie writers and communication professionals. Plus, I spend my days writing copy – everything from feature articles to blogs to website content to video scripts – for a range of clients. Send me an email on: rachel [at] rachelkurzyp [dot] com [au] to find out more.


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