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Kind words that keep me going after a hard day

Rachel listened carefully to my ideas and dreams, demonstrating her ability to collaborate, but was never hesitant to give it to me straight, particularly when I desperately sought clarity. Rachel is able to take overwhelming information and translate it into actionable steps and remove the complexities surrounding job applications, self promotion and starting a new business from scratch. Rachel’s skills in teaching communications and sharing her business knowledge are evident. In only a short space of time my own writing skills and marketing knowledge have vastly improved, to the point where I love writing again and have an reignited interest in marketing.

In less than six months, Rachel has helped me to completely switch from a somewhat rigid corporate mind-set to an inspired and excited business owner. She helped me discover and have the confidence I needed to target my ideal client; someone I could provide the best value to but who would also in return provide me with immense satisfaction and be open to forming a strong partnership. The quality of the copy Rachel developed with me, speaks for itself, but I will say that Rachel has a talent for understanding the voice of not only her clients but the prospective customers. To this day, Rachel continues to help me build a brand which is authentic and sustainable. I continuously look back over the resources provided by Rachel and I have no doubt they will serve me well into the future.

Sophia Colquhoun

Founder, Sophia Martine Colquhoun Consulting

Rachel managed to find direction and clarity in my business, when I wasn’t able to. Working with Rachel was so easy; she asked me the right questions, gathering what she needed, and pulled together a mishmash of information to write amazing copy. Her final website copy perfectly represented the feel and vibe I had wanted but was unable to achieve by writing the copy myself. Now I feel confident and proud of my business. Rachel’s help has given me back that boost of passion and motivation I had been lacking in my business.

Georgina Pearce-Davis

Founder, Fertility2Family

I’d work with Rachel again because she absolutely nailed my brief even though I had mixed in 10 different writing styles and couldn’t quite articulate what I wanted. As soon as I read the first draft of my website copy I knew she understood my vision. Rachel was able to articulate my voice and engage my target market through her amazing writing. Rachel’s overall communication and project management was exceptional – I knew where I stood at all times and the time lines were well communicated.

Ash Mandela

Founder, Rafiki Love

I came to Rachel because I have been following her work for some time now and during that time I have pretty much ‘liked’ everything she has put out to the universe. Rachel is one of those rare people who genuinely wants to help people reach their true potential. She is understanding, empathetic and patient, qualities which personally I value. Rachel helped me work out my pricing packages for my Advertising Consultancy Business, she has also been more than happy to answer my calls just when I need to chat over any road blocks. Rachel has all the tools, skills and expertise I need to help me move my business forward.

If you are wondering if you should reach out to Rachel, just do it! I am super picky with who I work with and do so much research before I part with my money, but there has never been a point in time where I have regretted reaching out to Rachel. In fact, I can’t wait until I’m in a position to do her Dare to be Seen package.

Kate Unsworth

Advertising Consultant

I came to Rachel because I knew my business didn’t reflect who I was at all, but I didn’t know where to begin. Rachel not only provided a whole host of insightful answers to my questions, she helped me completely redefine the questions! The highlight of the project was when I realised I was working from a faulty premise: that I knew who my target market was, when in fact it didn’t suit me at all. Shifting my thinking about that helped me to see a whole host of new opportunities that would actually be fulfilling and enjoyable. I could never have gained new insight about my business and brand on my own.

Nicole Merlin

Founder, Email Wizardry

There are times when you need to seek the expertise of people with passion and experience to ensure you find direction and clarity, rather than feeling like you are wandering around aimlessly. Rachel is a great grounding point for finding that clarity. She has a breadth of insight, resources, and experience. Rachel is also very knowledgeable and provides sound guidance and direction. Her probing questions helped me to clarify my business ideas, and I saved time by getting this personalised guidance, which has solidified my strategy moving forward.

Lyndsey Jackson

Community and Digital Strategist and Web Project Manager

I came to Rachel because I wanted to make the move from employee to freelancer, to go from freelancing as a “side gig” to freelancing as a way of life. I needed help getting myself motivated to hustle for work, updating my website, and doing things that may help demonstrate my expertise e.g. LinkedIn blogging. Rachel’s authentic and personal interactions made me feel understood and comfortable. The best part of her Instant Clarity service was helping to instill the confidence that I can actually be a full time freelancer.

I have definitely had ebbs and flows of time/motivation to build my freelance business over the past year, but since working with Rachel I can see a clear path forward. I would definitely recommend Rachel because of her straight-talking, no-nonsense, fresh and fun approach to helping people achieve their business goals.

Elissa Hill

Freelance Communications Consultant

I came to Rachel because I needed help repackaging my CV and updating my LinkedIn profile. Rachel helped me find clarity and expression around my skill sets, personal attributes, and career goals, when I couldn’t. She acknowledged and managed my personal fears with empathy and firmness. Her support and encouragement makes me feel I can be me for the first time in ages, and it feels good. When I saw her copy, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and that maybe someone does want what I have to offer.

Madeleine Kelly

Communications Professional, Creative & Mentor

I chose to work with Rachel because of her extensive experience and expertise in copywriting and pitching articles for publication. I respect her work and have always resonated with her style and messaging so thought she would be the perfect person to work with. Rachel’s communication is always honest, succinct, kind and useful. She has a way of wording constructive feedback in a way that makes you feel valued.

The highlight of the project was feeling that getting published was possible! After working with Rachel I felt motivated, inspired and more confident. I also felt more knowledgeable with Rachel’s insight, tips and advice too. Rachel went above and beyond; I didn’t expect to receive so much attention to detail, education and value but Rachel naturally brings this to the table in all her work. My final article definitely made me feel amazing and it exceeded by expectations because I learned a lot about the writing and pitching process as well as having a fully formed final piece to pitch. I would absolutely Recommend Rachel to anyone who needs copywriting support!

Heather Currie

Founder, CalmPassionate Coaching

One of the questions I asked in my final interview was “what had stood out in my resume and LinkedIn profile?” The organisation said the phrase “contagious enthusiasm” stood out, which was part of my resume Rachel helped me with. When I met with Rachel I had signed up with LinkedIn Premium, and following her steps on how to create and get the most out of my profile, along with reaching out to selected people for testimonials and recommendations, I was able to interview for several positions and accept my dream role before my LinkedIn Premium free trial was even up! I found the time spent working with Rachel to update my resume and create a LinkedIn profile extremely valuable.

Sherry Green

Client Relationship Manager

I came to Rachel because I needed to explain to the world why I was awesome at what I do, and that’s incredibly hard to do well when you’re so close to the subject matter! Rachel’s research and writing skills helped her to write a piece that introduced me in a unique and compelling way, while her down-to-earth approach made a confronting and stressful exercise into a supportive, creative one. The highlight of the project was when Rachel captured what I had said verbally in a way I would never have felt brave enough to write with words. I’ve lost count of how many friends I’ve recommended to Rachel, knowing that they’d be in good hands as they work towards making their own work dreams come true.

Rachel Bucknall

Service Designer

I came to Rachel because she has a great reputation and with her background and experience and she really knows her stuff. Rachel did a very thorough job of helping me with my career goals by speaking to me to find out important information about my background and where I want to be. The highlight of the project is that I now have a bio that will really speak to future clients and employers and sums up my background and goals well. Plus, I will be able to use it in a number of places. Rachel’s working style is very thorough. She really makes sure she gets to know you before delivering a polished product. Rachel will help you open up your eyes as to how potential employers and clients think and approach hiring staff.

Amy Fallon

Journalist, Media Advisor and Communications Consultant

It’s not just Rachel’s expert advice and communications nous that make her a highly valuable consultant, it’s also her style. Her candor and openness is so welcoming and reassuring, she really helps you peel back the layers to get to a well thought-out solution that’s completely tailored to you. 

Serena Darling

Founder, Darling Consulting

Rachel has the gift of simplifying complicated information and turning it into a superb, engaging narrative. She is highly motivated, calm under pressure and patient, and she practises what she preaches in that she is a very effective communicator. I got so much out of working with Rachel, and would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking to engage her or participate in one of her courses.

Katie Maynes

PR Specialist

I’ve known Rachel on both a personal and professional level for close to 4 years now. In that time, I’ve seen her grow from strength to strength across digital marketing, communications and brand development. Clients I’ve put her forward to, have also been impressed with her strong work ethic, keen eye and incredibly efficient style. This is a rare combination in today’s content-overload world. Rachel knows how to cut through and she’s responsive. I’ve consulted with her on my own rebrand and journalistic endeavours. And, I’ve never been let down.

Leona Devaz

Journalist, Radio Producer and Media Consultant

Rachel helped me to understand how branding carries over into content planning for social media, my website, and newsletter – it’s so simple and doable! I now feel more confident in choosing what I want my audience to know about me and what I offer. I found the clarity I’ve always been looking for in a communications consultant.

Anna Manuel

Founder, Heads and Tales

Rachel gave me such valuable advice on writing copy. Her simple and easy to implement suggestions made a huge difference to my ads and my engagement on Facebook. She has such an easy manner of communication and makes things I don’t understand well very accessible. I highly recommend her services.

Bec Duffield

Founder, Body Alchemy

Working with Rachel enabled me to understand that I didn’t have one but three different target audience groups. She then helped me clarify who they were and what they were after. Rachel is reliable, honest and enthusiastic, and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with her again in the near future.

Solène Anglaret

Founder, BeBeyondBorders

I chose to work with Rachel because I knew she would give me honest feedback; she wouldn’t sugarcoat things, but she would also be constructive and helpful. I loved Rachel’s enthusiasm and willingness to help me understand the right way to pitch my story to the media. She was able to provide general information (ie. pitching template and examples) as well as specific feedback (ie. notes on my pitch). The highlight of the project was Rachel’s encouragement and support – it gave me that extra push to put myself out for it and go for it!

Bonnie Ho

Copywriter and Communications Professional

Rachel helped me to get the tone and voice of my new portfolio website just right. Her copywriting insights were invaluable. Rachel genuinely listened to what I was trying to achieve and did so with great professionalism and humour.

Tania Sheward

Producer, Director and Educator

I came to Rachel because she understands UNSW’s brand and language. She helped me to prepare a compelling, succinct and easy-to-read proposal. Rachel approached the project with focus and clarity of purpose, ensuring the project outcomes were met. I’d work with Rachel again because she listens and gives great and relevant feedback.

Janet Hall

Development Manager, UNSW Sydney

Rachel’s unique skills and expertise were a valuable asset to our project. We brought her into the project mid-point, and she was able to successfully comprehend our needs and apply her knowledge and honest feedback within a short time frame, adding insight which was greatly appreciated.

Jenny Vaccari

Communications Coordinator, RDI Network

We were initially a bit hesitant to outsource writing for our own outreach products because we felt nobody could really understand what we wanted to say like we do. Rachel pleasantly surprised us, and we barely needed to touch her copy. Despite our ‘insider’ briefs, she was able to spot the rhythm and narrative focus right away, and delivered lively, accessible stories for each piece of the blog post package. We will definitely work with Rachel again because her confident, no-nonsense and professional working style, make it so easy: Clear timelines, occasional updates to reassure that things are on track (or a gentle reminder that we had forgotten to do something!), and on time delivery.

Tim France

Managing Director, Inis Communication

Rachel is an outstanding digital content creator and has extensive knowledge of multiple audiences, goals and digital channels. Rachel is strategic in her approach, is very relatable and makes digital content accessible. Rachel worked with CARE Australia on a few occasions as a consultant and I would highly recommend Rachel’s extensive experience and strategic recommendations.

Heather Currie

Digital Marketing Specialist, Care Australia

Rachel has worked with us at OIC on a voluntary and paid basis. Firstly, she facilitated a marketing workshop involving people based in Melbourne, so we could research our marketing and fundraising strategy. Also, she worked to organise and promote our OIC launch event in Melbourne – a hugely important night. Unsurprisingly, under her watch, both these events were very successful. Rachel has the rare talent of telling stories while understanding the development context well so that these stories are representative, empowering and true to those described. She is hard working, brave and would be an asset to any organisation she chooses to work with in the future.

Weh Yeoh

Founder, OIC Cambodia

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