Making people feel who you are

I recently spoke with Ray Milidoni on the Razor Sharp Show!

It was so nice to step out from behind the keyboard and share a little more about who I am, what I do, and how I help my clients.

The podcast took an interesting turn when we got onto the topic of homelessness. And I’m not going to lie, things got a little emotional for the both of us. I’m one of those people that tears up when I see someone else getting emotional.

Luckily I managed to choke back the tears and move past the sniffles to end on a high note. I was so worried that I’d sound like an idiot but when I listened to the podcast again today I didn’t feel stupid.

I felt proud.

Proud that in a brief conversation I was able to express and clearly articulate how I feel about homelessness, addiction and mental health. This is something I’ve struggled to do for over ten years now.

And I felt proud because I let my guard down, I showed a side of myself that people always told me I shouldn’t share and that it would only be detrimental to my career.

As you’ll hear in the podcast, it takes an extra leap of faith to be true to who you are but that’s the only way you’re going to live the life you want.

I encourage you all to let your guard down and make people feel who you are in all that you do.

Listen to the Razor Sharp Show now

We talk business

  • How to be authentic and it’s OK to talk about things you’re not good at
  • How people don’t buy products, they buy from other people
  • How embedding your personality into your brand helps you stand out
  • How to use your writing to build your voice online
  • How to write with authority
  • How to write read-me-now headlines
  • How to be vulnerable in a constructive, business like way

We also get personal

  • I discuss my experience when I was homeless (it gets deep, and emotions run high on on both sides!)
  • Why I love my digital nomad life
  • Why I don’t call myself a ‘freelancer’
  • I talk about how I’m trying to redefine what it means to be ‘professional’ in business
  • How I made my first dollar (it wasn’t sexy and involves sheep manure!)
  • Why I’m a person first and a writer second

Listen to the podcast.

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