Episode 55: How to incorporate a spiritual practise into your business with Bec Cuzzillo

Welcome to The Rachel Kurzyp Show.

If you’re feeling called to combine practical tools and intuitive strategies so you can build an aligned and profitable business, listen to my conversation with Bec Cuzzillo.

In this episode, we chat about:

  1. ✨ Defining what spirituality means to you
  2. ✨ The personal benefits of connecting with your spirituality
  3. ✨ How you can use tools like Tarot and Oracle cards in the decision making process
  4. ✨ Practical ways to incorporate spirituality into your business
  5. ✨ How daily rituals can support business growth
Bec Cuzzillo is a Spiritual Life & Business Coach on a mission to support women to claim their worth, master their mindset and step into the highest vision for their life and business.
As a fiery Aries woman, Bec helps you to get out of your own way, ignite your inner fire and start living your soul’s purpose. Her approach combines the practical with the intuitive to ensure you walk away with the tools and strategies to build a life and business that you love.
In 2016, Bec started her business as a creative outlet while working full-time in the community sector. What started as a side hustle soon turned into a full blown love affair and 18 months later, she had walked away from her job to become a full-time boss babe.
Bec now balances biz-life with mum-life, living in Canberra, Australia with her husband Matt and their beautiful little Noah.
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