Episode 54: Redefining what it means to be a coach with Tahryn Bolt

Welcome to The Rachel Kurzyp Show.

Transitioning into a coaching and teaching role in your business can be daunting. My guest, Tahryn Bolt explains what steps you can take to embrace this new phase of your business. 


In this episode, we chat about:


  1. ✨ Defining what being a coach means to you
  2. ✨ Predictions for the coaching industry in 2022
  3. ✨ How to know when you’re ready to stop offering done for you services
  4. ✨ How to navigate fears when making big changes in your business
  5. ✨ Why you don’t need to be extroverted to be an amazing coach


Tahryn is the Biz Wizard behind The Social Bolt.

She supports her clients to share their magic and create wildly abundant offers, booked-up launches and magical content through 1:1 Business Coaching and her programs The School of Content Wizardry & Become a Launch Wizard.

Tahryn works alongside her Barketing Manager Ned (her 8 year old Border Collie) and together they love to curl up on the couch, with a glass of red wine in hand, watching Harry Potter.

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