Episode 33: BONUS Episode: 5 Day Lockdown Content Challenge

Welcome to The Rachel Kurzyp Show.

Wanna create content but don’t have time or any creativity?

I’ve got you.

When Victoria, Australia went into our 4th lockdown in June I started to slide back into my “what’s the point” funk.

And in an effort to try and maintain some normality and purpose in my day I created a series of fun content creation games – which Victorians loved.

People who completed the challenge saw an increase in likes, shares, DMs and even sales. 

So when I saw so many of my fellow Australian’s going into lockdown this week, I knew I wanted to show up and support you the best way I know how – and that’s by helping you to create content and keep showing up EVEN when you have zero original thoughts, can’t form a sentence, and plan on working from your bed.

Because I truly believe in the power of content marketing.

One post can bring you an opportunity you would never otherwise have.

Attract dream clients you didn’t know existed.

And provide you inspiration, joy and connection which leads to financial security.

So in this episode I’m going to help you create content in under 5 minutes a day because writing content for your business shouldn’t be a chore. 

You can show up for 5 days in a row and complete each challenge or you can space them out depending on your content marketing strategy.

If you’re an Auditory learner, grab a pen and paper and jot down each game and your ideas as you listen. 

If you’re a visual learner, I’ve included links in the show notes to each of the written posts on Instagram so you can refer to them when you’re ready to sit down to create.

So are you ready to let go of the expectations and must-dos we’ve come to associate with content creation?

Introducing The Lockdown Content Challenge.

Challenge #1

Let’s play SCROLL and SHARE because there’s nothing better than doing the bare minimum and being rewarded for it.

  1. Scroll back 20 rows on your IG grid
  2. Click on the post on the right
  3. Save the image to your phone
  4. Copy and paste the text and hashtags
  5. The create a new post and add the image and text
  6. Share it on your Instagram stories
  7. Treat yourself for a job well done

And if you can’t stop the voice that’s saying “they’re gonna know….”

Use my Top and Tail trick.

Update the first line of the copy and the call to action to make it feel relevant and timely.

Repurposing your content is that EASY.

Challenge #2

Not posting because you can’t find the perfect image?⁠

Or you’ve got a cute pic but don’t have the right words?⁠⁠

I’m all about crafting epic posts that make you feel unstoppable, but if I only posted when that happened, you wouldn’t hear from me for weeks.⁠

I’m always putting different components together to create the posts you see because sharing B+ content is better than not posting.⁠

Are you ready to stop leaving worthy content ideas on the table?⁠

Let’s play MIX and MATCH because we’re no longer letting our perfectionism stop us from connecting with our dream clients:⁠

  1. Find 6 images that make you feel amazing and number them 1 to 6⁠
  2. Write down 6 content ideas that have been running through your head (or take them from the saved notes on your phone!) and number them 1 to 6⁠
  3. Choose 6 questions you’d like to ask your dream clients so you can learn more about them and number them 1 to 6⁠
  4. Now get out a dice and roll it. The number you get corresponds to the number you gave to each piece of content, e.g. if you roll a 3 you’re using image number 3⁠
  5. Repeat 3 times, so you end up with an image, idea and question⁠
  6. Turn them into a post and share them with your community⁠

Creating a read-me-now IG post has never been so FUN!⁠

Use this exercise every time you get hung up on how to bring all the components together.⁠

And if you can’t think of a way to combine everything, use these simple transitions:⁠

“I wanted an excuse to share this image…”⁠

“But while you’re here…”⁠

“P.S. [insert question here].”⁠

Challenge #3

Who’s your content superhero?⁠⁠

If you’re not sure how to speak to your strengths OR explain the value of your skill set, I’ve got you.⁠⁠

Talking about yourself is bloody hard, especially if you’ve never been encouraged to share your opinions and rewarded for backing yourself.⁠⁠

But if you only rely on others to spread the word about how incredible you are, you’re doing yourself and your clients a disservice.⁠⁠

Nothing positive comes from hiding your true identity in the business world. All you’re protecting is your ego. ⁠⁠

Are you ready to share your skill sets and strengths with unshakeable confidence?⁠⁠

Let’s play UNMASK your MASTERY because it’s true what they say; you are a superhero to the people you serve:⁠⁠

  1. Choose your content superhero 
  • Are you durable like Supergirl?
  • Agile like Catwomen?
  • Use your intellect like Batgirl?
  • Or use your kindness like Wonder Women?
  1. Answer the following questions⁠⁠
  • – What are your three greatest superpowers?⁠⁠
  • – How do you use your superpowers to change the world?⁠⁠
  • – What challenges have you had to overcome?⁠⁠
  1. Combine your answers to make an IG post⁠⁠
  2. Share it with your community⁠⁠

And if you don’t feel comfortable using “I” statements, use these instead:⁠⁠

“My friends/partner/clients describe me as…”⁠⁠

“My business mission is to…”⁠⁠

“The biggest challenge for people in my industry/profession is…”⁠⁠

Challenge #4

If your content was a colour, what would it be?⁠⁠

If you’re struggling to capture your tone of voice OR aren’t sure what you want to be known for, I’ve got you.⁠⁠

My clients and community often come to me because they want to stand out instead of blending in.⁠⁠

And they’ve realised that showing up in a different way each week has only confused their community and themselves. ⁠⁠

When you add too many colours you end up with brown because each one cancels each other out.⁠⁠

Rocking head to toe brown isn’t a good look (sorry to all Gen Z on TikTok) but choosing colours that compliment your skin tone is. ⁠⁠

Are you ready to use your content to inspire, educate or empower your community?⁠⁠

Let’s play COLOURFUL CONTENT because you’re here to shine bright and move your audience into action:⁠

  1. Choose your content colour
  • Red – you want people to connect deeply with their emotions
  • Blue – you want to encourage people to think for themselves
  • Yellow – you want to inspire people to take action
  • Green – you want people to change and grow
  • Purple – you want people to learn new ways of doing things
  1. Write an IG post that embodies the theme of that colour⁠⁠
  2. Share your post to your feed⁠⁠

If you’re stuck knowing how to capture your colour, ask yourself these three questions.⁠⁠

  • How do I want my community to feel after reading my post?⁠⁠
  • What do I want them to do?⁠⁠
  • Who do I want them to be?⁠⁠

Challenge #5

Not sure how to use your content to build the know, like and trust factor?⁠⁠

Dread having to share content about yourself?⁠⁠

Contrary to what you may have been told, you don’t need to share every mundane or personal detail of your life to connect with your audience.⁠⁠

You only need to share experiences that help your audience relate to you and understand how you can support them (I’ve included some topics to get you started).⁠⁠

Are you ready to start telling epic stories that captivate and intrigue your community? ⁠⁠

Let’s play PICK and PITCH because you’re a natural storyteller with transformative tales to share.⁠⁠

  1. Match up the action for your birth month and the scenario for your birthday⁠⁠ (you’re going to have to head to Instagram to see the word combos for this one).
  2. Use it to create your content
  3. Share to your story on Instagram

Coming up with story ideas just became SIMPLE!⁠⁠

And if you’re struggling to know how to start your story, use these tried and tested hooks:⁠⁠

“You wouldn’t believe what happened today…”⁠⁠

“This one time at…”⁠⁠

“Funny story…”⁠⁠

This is the final game as part of the Lockdown Content Challenge.⁠⁠

So I’d love to know, what game did you love most?⁠⁠

Send me a DM on Instagram  @rachel_kurzyp AND don’t forget to tag me in your lockdown content stories and posts so I can share it with my community too.⁠

Thanks so much for tuning into today’s episode.

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Hi, I’m Rachel

I support multi-talented business owners to get clear on what makes them tick and desperately needed in their industry so they can make more money.

Should you start a podcast?

Should you start a podcast?

Do you genuinely want to start a podcast? Or do you think it’s the only way to grow your audience, share your expertise and produce evergreen content?


Should you start a podcast?

Should you start a podcast?

Do you genuinely want to start a podcast? Or do you think it’s the only way to grow your audience, share your expertise and produce evergreen content?