Episode 27: Lead magnet ideas for service-based businesses

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Today I want to chat about lead magnets for service-based businesses, why you need one, the different types you can create and some questions to ask yourself to help you get started.

You’ll need a pen and paper handy for this episode.

One of the most common ways to grow your audience and attract your dream clients is through a lead magnet.

Also known as a freebie or downloadable resource. The words are used interchangeably but they mean the same thing.

Your lead magnet will allow you to prime your current audience to purchase and allow you to see who is interested in your services and offerings.

It will turn website visitors into email subscribers so you can start building a relationship with them.

And it will allow you to have a transitional call to action for people in your community who aren’t ready to purchase just yet.

Your lead magnet is designed to show potential dream clients what they can learn from you and help them see immediate results.

The options for lead magnets are endless and I’ll give you some examples in a minute.

But the main thing you need to do is ensure your lead magnet directly relates to your signature service or offer.

For example, a copywriter shouldn’t create a lead magnet helping new copywriters design proposals in Canva because this has nothing to do with their core offerings and may attract the wrong people for their services.

I see many business owners making this mistake, yes, it may get you email subscribers but if they aren’t your dream clients, then they won’t want to work with you.

There are three common types of lead magnet.

Each level requires more work, but you’ll see better results.

  • Worksheets and checklists are easy to create and quick for your audience to digest and works for any topics or business.
  • eBooks and guides take longer to create, but they allow you to go deeper into a topic so they can provide bigger results.
  • The final option is to create a quiz, webinar or video training. These take the longest to create but convert the best out of the three.

So which lead magnet type is right for you and the signature service you’re selling?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself.

  • What do your dream clients need to learn, know or do before they can start your signature service?
  • What is the first step, activity or challenge your dream clients to need to do in your signature service?
  • What do your dream clients need to learn or make a decision about so they can use your service?
  • What can you do, say or show your dream clients to help them decide if your signature service is the right next step for them?
  • What mental roadblocks can you help your dream clients work through?
  • What great performing content can you reuse or repurpose?

And because I always get asked, here are some lead magnet ideas to help get you started.

A designer could create a mini video training that walks people through how to create a mood board on Pinterest.

A photographer could create an e-book that helps people choose outfits that look great on camera.

A copywriter could create a workbook that guides their dream clients through the process of creating their brand.

An accountant could create a PDF checklist that helps people automate business tasks and set up their payroll.

I hope by breaking down the strategy behind creating lead magnets, you’ll be one step closer to creating your own.

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Should you start a podcast?

Should you start a podcast?

Do you genuinely want to start a podcast? Or do you think it’s the only way to grow your audience, share your expertise and produce evergreen content?


Should you start a podcast?

Should you start a podcast?

Do you genuinely want to start a podcast? Or do you think it’s the only way to grow your audience, share your expertise and produce evergreen content?