Episode 1: How to convert your followers into clients in 5 minutes a day

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Today I’m going to share 4 simple and easy to action content marketing tips that will help you convert your followers into clients in less than 5 minutes a day.

We all know how important content marketing is, right?

When I talk to my community and clients about content marketing they understand why they need to do it and how they can start to build their strategy BUT what gets in their way is time.

They feel like they don’t have enough hours in the day to write great copy, plan their customer journey, hang out in the DMS and meet new people.

And I get it.

Creating strategic content takes time.

However, building a dedicated community of people ready to buy from you will take even more time when you post and ghost. When you share filler content. And when you don’t think about how your content fits within a wider business plan.

In later episodes I’m going to dive deeper into creating your content strategy and what types of content you need to create.

But for now, I want to share my four favourite content marketing tips that you can start using today.

When used together and on the regular they will improve your current engagement, increase your current reach, and help you generate more warm leads from the content you’re already creating.

Let’s dive into tip number one.

I want you to start crafting headlines that stop the scroll.

We are living in an attention economy. This means we need to position our content in such a way that it grabs the attention of our dream clients and stops the scroll. One of the easiest ways to do this is through your headline.

Statements, questions, addressing mindsets and controversial remarks make great headlines. Your headline should be concise, create urgency, be intriguing and create what we call in the marketing world, an open loop.

Your headline should make your dream client lean in and want to keep reading so they can learn what happens next or find out the answer to your question.

And the only way from them to do that is to click on the post, open the email, download the PDF and read what you have written.

I want you to start dedicating more time to your headlines. Every time you sit down to write content I want you to ask yourself: would I stop and read this? If you wouldn’t then you need to keep playing around with the first sentence until you know you’re onto a winner.

Here are some examples of headlines that have got great results.

The day I cried over cheese. Which is the headline of the first email in my welcome sequence.

I hate Chia seeds but not for the reasons you think. Which is the headline of one of my introduction posts on Instagram.

Can we talk about money really quick? Which is still one of my most shared posts on Instagram.

Tip number two.

I want you to use call-to-actions that encourage your followers to act and move further down your sales funnel.

So many of you still aren’t using call to actions regularly because you assume your followers will read your content know what to do next.

It’s your job to create a customer journey and to know what stage your customer is at.

So I want you to practise creating different call to actions to encourage your followers to engage with you in different ways.

No, you don’t need to always be selling or telling people to head to link in your bio.

If you want more engagement I want you to create call to actions around leaving a comment, but I want you to ask a question that is specific and easy to answer.

Even simple questions like what’s your favourite drink can still be too much work. Instead ask, what’s your favourite wine? white or red?

If you want to increase your visibility and reach, then encourage your followers to share your content or tag a friend who needs to read it.

And if you want to create 1:1 relationship with your clients, then ask them to DM you or hit reply on your email. This is my standard call to action and is how I have built such a strong following and so many warm leads that convert for me on a daily basis.

Think of you headline and CTA as bookends to your content. Without them your content has no foundations and won’t help you achieve your biz goals.

Tip number three.

I want you to actively build a 1:1 connection with your community.

So many of you create amazing content on your socials, emails, and blogs but don’t use it to start a conversation with your followers. Once you post, you ghost and don’t interact with the people who have put time + energy into engaging with your content.

You should try and respond to every DM, comment, and email reply. Even emojis. People aren’t being lazy when they send you emojis. This is their way of reaching out and saying, ‘hey do you want to have a conversation with me.’

I respond to every emoji and 60% of the time this has resulted in building a relationship with the person who has later become a paying client.

So I want you to start engaging with everyone who reaches out to you. Thank them for reading, sharing, and commenting. Ask them questions and use it as an opportunity to start a conversation with your dream clients, because isn’t that why we created content in the first place?

I also want you to start engaging with other people’s content and followers.

Anyone who engages with my content on a regular basis, I start engaging with their content and any of their followers who seem like my kind of people.

If you do this strategy, it will increase your chances of connecting with people who have the same values, wants, needs, and who could potentially become your dream clients.

So I want you to start showing up and engaging with your community before and after you post. It’s the easiest way for you to increase your following and meet new people. And this is a strategy I used every single day.

Tip number 4.

I want you to create content that solves a problem your dream clients are having right now.

Your content should be positioning you as an expert and help your dream clients to see that you are the right person to help them get the transformation they want.

‘Nice’ or filler content e.g. Monday calendar or coffee posts aren’t going to do much in the way of driving sales.

You should use your content as a way to share more of your story, provide inspiration so they know what’s possible, share behind the scenes of how you work, community-generated content that calls out mindset blocks, and finally you need to use your content to do the big sell.

That’s right! If you want people to buy your stuff, you have to invite people to do so.

You need to start saying to your community, I have a service or product, it’s for people who need this. I can help you go from A to B. This is how you can access it.

You need to stop being wishy washy and saying “hey, I have this thing….link in the bio.”

I want you to start talking about your services and products at least once a fortnight and encourage your followers to buy, enrol etc.

If you don’t do this people won’t know about your services and products and they won’t go to the link in bio or click the link in your email.

So if you are creating all this valuable content but aren’t seeing results it could be because your community doesn’t know who you are and that you can help.

So there you have it, my 4 best content marketing tips that you can put into practise today while the kettle is boiling or you bub is napping.

And if coming up with ideas of what to post is holding you back, download my free guide 7 types of content to convert followers into clients.

I’ll walk you through what content to create and show you how to put the tips I’ve shared with you today into action through real life post examples.

Thanks so much for tuning into today’s episode.

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Should you start a podcast?

Should you start a podcast?

Do you genuinely want to start a podcast? Or do you think it’s the only way to grow your audience, share your expertise and produce evergreen content?


Should you start a podcast?

Should you start a podcast?

Do you genuinely want to start a podcast? Or do you think it’s the only way to grow your audience, share your expertise and produce evergreen content?