Business owners are made, not born.
business owners are made, not born graphic

This week I’m pulling back the curtain on what it’s really like to run a business. I’m sharing the good, bad and ugly lessons I’ve learned over the last 8 years.

This is lesson #1.

The way we talk about entrepreneurship on the interwebs makes it seem like you have the biz gene, or you don’t.

And thinking like this leads to a lot of problems and a lot of excuses.

I know it may look like I have everything figured out (matching PJ sets have that effect), BUT I’m telling you I don’t.

Just like you, I must get up each day and work at it.

The only difference is that I might be further along in my journey, AND I may have taken a different path to you.

We need to stop believing that there is some secret sauce or cheat sheet we can buy that will give us all the answers.

Instead, we need to trust, invest and believe in the entrepreneur journey.

My biz journey didn’t start 8 years ago; it started when I was 8 years old selling my families sheep manure to my neighbours.

Since then, I’ve been building my skills through my jobs as a pizza maker, retail manager, bank teller, event coordinator, marketing manager, journalist and teacher.

I’ve prioritised continuous learning by completing 3 universities degrees, working overseas and developing my craft.

And I’ve never stopped being curious, trying new things and asking hard questions.

Like me, you have a lifetime of knowledge, experiences and connections to draw from.

So, use them and stop telling yourself that you don’t have what it takes to be the best goddamn biz owner you can be.

Hi, I’m Rachel
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