How I use YA fiction techniques to get in the head of my dream client

So here’s the thing; I think client personas are a waste of time especially if you’re trying to inside the head of your dream client.

They are great for collecting basic info on your dream client like how much they make, where they hang out, and what brands they love, but client persona’s don’t allow you to dig deeper into your client’s psyche.

And you need to know your dream client really well like what they say to themselves on the daily if you want comments like this.

Tenna sharing how Rachel Kurzyp always knows what she is thinking in her head

I wish I could tell you that understanding and articulating your dream client’s inner monologue is super easy. But unfortunately, it takes effort, time and work to get it right.

So if you’ve been struggling to use psychographics in your content marketing, you’re not alone.

Thankfully, I’ve figured out a way to remove all the complexities surrounding client personas.

Today I’m on Kattie Thorndyke’s podcast talking about how YA fiction can help you write better copy.

Yep, you read that right.

Mythical beasts, complicated love triangles and epic quests can help you write content that converts your followers into clients.

We cover everything from…

  1. understanding the hero’s journey
  2. how to use emotion
  3. why you need to focus on the transformation
  4. the challenges everyone must overcome

If you want to learn how to write better copy for your socials, blogs + emails, this podcast ep is for you.

Listen to the episode here,  and let me know if looking at client persona’s in this new way was helpful.


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