Do you need to do all the things to be successful?
Pressure i made the thing podcast

Everyone was telling me I was successful because I was making a great income, but I was sad, lonely, stressed and anxious.⁠

It took me waaay longer than I’d like to admit, but I finally realised that doing all the things, hustling constantly, and pushing myself to the limit wasn’t bringing me any joy.⁠

So I said f*ck it and decided to stop conforming to society’s expectations of what a biz owner and woman should be.⁠

That was two years ago. ⁠

Since then, I’ve devoted my time and energy to building a business that supports my multi-passionate lifestyle.⁠

And I can honestly say that I love myself more AND compare myself to others less.⁠

If you feel like you’re never doing enough, you need to listen to this week’s ep on pressure and the comparison trap on the i made a thing podcast.

We share our personal struggles with perfectionism and imposture syndrome AND how we can push through these mindsets (most of the time).⁠

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How can you stop yourself from falling into the comparison trap? And when is comparison useful?

  • Do you need to do all the things to be successful?

  • How do you overcome your perfectionist tendencies and limiting mindsets?

  • What’s the difference between overwhelm and a normal level of busy?

  • Do women experience added pressure? If so, where?

  • Does trying to do all the things + look good and sound good guarantee success?

  • What things can we do to address and overcome feelings of pressure and overwhelm?

Resources discussed in this episode:

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