Do you need passion to be successful in business?
Passion vs purpose the i made a thing podcast

How do you find your purpose? And is this whole passion and purpose talk all just a fad?

I don’t think you need passion because it can burn out. BUT I do think you need purpose.

Purpose gets you through the hard days when you’re on the couch in your PJs having a Netflix binge and covered in Dorito dust wondering what you’re doing with your life.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How do you define your purpose? Does passion play a role? And what’s the difference?

  • Why are we seeing a rise in “passion and purpose” driven businesses? Is this a fad?

  • What is passion burnout? How can passion burnout occur?

  • What should you do when you don’t know your purpose?

  • Is it OK to build a business or have a career that isn’t based on your passion and purpose?

  • What are ways to determine your purpose? How do you use your purpose as a framework for your business?

Resources discussed in this episode:

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