Do you have to be popular to be successful in business?
Popular vs Powerful I made a thing podcast

“YOU can’t sit with us!”⁠

If running your biz sometimes feels like you’re back in high school, you’re not alone.⁠

I thought my high school days were well and truly behind me.⁠

BUT during the ep of the i made a thing podcast, I realised that being teased in my teenage years for being poor and dorky affected my relationships with women, and I avoid anything deemed popular or trendy even if it’s IN for a reason.⁠

If you think you may have some childhood hang-ups too, you need to give this ep a listen.⁠

We define what it means to be popular, how you can use your influence for good, and if you need to be liked to be respected.⁠

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What is the difference between popularity and power?

  • Why is power seen as bad? While popularity isn’t?

  • Do you have to be popular to be successful in business?

  • What do you need first? Popularity or power?

  • Should you only work with people who are well known?

  • How do you build power in your business?

  • What makes a good leader?

  • How do you build your likeability?

Resources discussed in this episode:

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