How and why to package your services
How and why to package your services_Flying_Solo

I recently spoke with Robert Gerrish from the Flying Solo Podcast. We chatted about unique last names as well as how and why small business owners should package their services.

If you have that annoying feeling you’re giving too much away and missing money-making opportunities, it might be time to consider bundling your offers in easy-to-sell packages. I overhauled my website a couple of years ago and now I’m attracting my dream clients and making more money.

If you’re a small business owner that’s sweating over writing compelling sales copy and delivering unique services, listen to the podcast now.

Professionals should consider bundling their services because:

  • It saves time – you can set up your processes and back end applications and then focus on delivering amazing value to your clients. You don’t want to have to recreate the wheel every time.
  • Your clients know what you offer and how you help – it makes selling your services easy. You can create a sales page and when people ask for help you can point them to your website.
  • It gets rid of the non-committed clients or those that just want free advice – when people ask, “can you just answer this quick question?” you can point them to your package and say hire me and I’ll solve your problem – which is what they are really trying to get you to do in the first place. If they don’t want to pay for your services then, they aren’t the client for you.

I packaged my services for three reasons:

  • I wanted to target the freelance and small business community – they were asking me the same questions over and over – but I wasn’t charging them – it was an untapped market for me. So I create packages that solved their questions.
  • It allowed me to provide quick but valuable services in between my larger clients – My larger projects sometimes go for months and I have a lot of downtime so my freelance packages fill these holes.
  • I wanted to provide services that were affordable for small business owners but were on a smaller scale compared to my larger clients – A lot of small business owners need writing, marketing, branding help and training and coaching but they can’t afford 10k+ and they don’t need services on that scale. I’m all about being affordable, approachable and accessible.

Here are some handy resources I’ve put together to get you started:

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