Turning the big 30

Today is my birthday.

The big 30!

When I was a kid, 30 seemed so old. I still remember when my mum turned 30. She wore a green top around the house that said ‘30-something.’ I asked her what being 30 felt like and she said ‘It’s all downhill from here.’

Even back then, turning 30 was a big deal. You were expected to be happily married with a family. To own a nice house with a big backyard so your kids can eat dirt and the family pet can run around. And, a large driveway to fit your car with leather seats and tinted windows.

You had to accept your body wouldn’t feel like it used to – you’d have stretch marks in weird places, crow’s feet starting to form, and wobbly bits. Also, you’d have to forget about late night parties with girlfriends, spontaneous trips to far away places and eating 3-day old pizza for dinner.

Welcome to the 30-something club.

Now’s not really that much different. We are still expected to have achieved a certain amount of life goals and then made to feel shit if we haven’t. People still tell us how we are supposed to look and how we are supposed to behave. We are still made to believe that being an adult means giving up on our dreams and accepting the cards we’ve been dealt.

I say to hell with that.

I’m not going to be made to feel shit on my 30th birthday.

That’s why I’ve made a list of 30 fun, non-conventional and inspirational things I want to achieve in my 30s.

Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Cook a restaurant worthy three-course meal
  2. Be the headline speaker at a conference
  3. Buy a round-the-world plane ticket
  4. Learn a language, or two
  5. Live in Asia for a year
  6. Learn to braid my hair
  7. Write a memoir
  8. Be a staff writer for a TV show
  9. Run a sell-out writing course
  10. Own a bonsai tree
  11. Build a floor-to-roof library in my home
  12. Have a nap every day
  13. Learn to paint
  14. Make dumplings from scratch
  15. Go storm chasing
  16. Learn Thai kickboxing
  17. Be an extra on a movie
  18. Publish a book of poems
  19. Meet Wilbur Smith
  20. Be published in National Geographic
  21. Brew my own beer
  22. Go on a political tour
  23. Fly First Class
  24. Learn to drive (again)
  25. Get a make-over from a professional stylist and makeup artist
  26. Go to a costume party dressed as Sarah O’Connor from Terminator 2
  27. Watch a basketball game live
  28. Spend time with my family in Poland
  29. Go sailing
  30. Be an advocate for homelessness, addiction and mental health

What random things do you want to achieve in your 30s?

Featured image from Pexels.

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