Why you’re never going to find your calling

“I’m not sure anyone has a calling.”

When I heard Seth Godin say this the other day, I was like “Yes!” (Imagine me doing a little fist pump and nearly knocking over my coffee.) I strongly believe that the idea that we have only one “passion” or “purpose” and our job is to wait until we find it, is crap.

We’ve been made to believe that there is a “right answer” when it comes to our lives. Probably because it makes it easier to sell us stuff. How often do we hear or read about people who find their calling and now they have packaged it up so you can buy your calling too? If only it were that simple.

No one can tell you what you should do with your life and how to create meaning in your day-to-day existence. It’s up to you to make a choice and accept that every decision will have its own challenges and experiences. But you need to make that choice based on who you are: know what you’re not willing to compromise on and what you must have to sustain you.

I could have just as easily been a lawyer, interior designer or movie critic because each of these careers has very similar attributes and requires the same basic types of skills. Any one of these careers wouldn’t necessary have been any better or worse compared to my current one as a writer and communications consultant. I’d still have to get up each day and work at it.

If you find yourself looking for external signs that will point you to your purpose, stop it.

If you tell yourself “now isn’t the right time” you risk missing out on perfectly good opportunities.

If you don’t know why you get up every morning and do what you do, figure out your why.

Don’t be wooed by a six-figure salary, a shiny corner office, millions of Twitter followers or the promise of “finding your calling.” Make your decision based on what types of interactions make you feel good and where you can have a positive, long-lasting impact after the conversation is over.

If you want to hear more from Seth Godin check out his interview with Mario Forleo. Or read his new book What To Do When It’s Your Turn, it’s been called a great read for anyone who struggles with self-doubt, fear of failure and finding your true calling.

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