Business tips and tricks for female bosses

Is there such a thing as a minimalist business approach? Or an irresistible sales page?

How do you use Instagram Stories and create a successful course?

I’ve got you covered. I’ve found the best advice and resources from my favourite female bosses on the internet.

37 Blogging Tips + Business Tricks I’ve Learned In 37 Years

One of my favourite bloggers, Sarah Von Bargen, has been getting paid to write for 17 years, blogging for 9, and self-employed for 6. She shares everything she’s learnt about blogging, business, and balancing both of those with a life you really love.

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7 Questions I Ask as a Minimalist Business Owner

Is there such a thing as a minimalist business approach? Amy Andrews thinks there is. And she’s pulled together a list of questions you can use to help you make minimalist choices every day in life and business.

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How to Use Instagram Stories + 6 Ideas for What to Share

Instagram stories are perfect for those times when you have something to share but the scene doesn’t need a permanent spot in your feed. Sarah Morgan shares how you can use Instagram stories to offer a discount, invite people to an event, and even share tips and advice. And even provides a step-by-step guide for how to create your own Instagram story.

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5 Steps to Writing an Irresistible Sales Page

Courtney Johnston shares her tips for creating sales pages – you know, that page on your website that convinces people they should work with you. She takes the sleazy and gross out of sales and even makes the process fun.

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The Evolution of a Million Dollar Course (From Budget Beginnings)

Ever wondered how popular courses start out? Do you dream of creating a million dollar e-course? Denise Duffield-Thomas says you need to start now! This honest and in-depth post takes you through the whole process of running a course including the many false starts and mistakes (so you can avoid them).

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