How to make friends on the internet for digital marketers

Making friends on the internet is one of the most important things you can do as a digital marketer or business owner. That’s why there’s a whole industry dedicated to telling you how to build a 10k + audience in a month or how to create a content upgrade that will double your enewsletter sign-ups in a day.

Most of the time, these get ‘X’ quick schemes are bullshit. Building an online presence requires hard work, careful planning, backend processes, and above all else being a decent, real human being. I know because I’ve been doing it for nearly ten years.

I’ve found five no-bullshit articles that will help you automate your social media presence, create a content marketing strategy and target customers on Facebook. I also couldn’t resist sharing two great articles on why Influencer Marketing is on the down (This means you need to work harder to create your own brand personality) and why you’re spam until you prove your worth.

How to streamline and automate your social media presence

Social media is fun but it can easily turn into a massive daily effort for business owners (it’s the one thing that’s always on my to-do list). Being able to streamline and partially automate your social media can reduce the pressure.

Kyla Roma shares her seven tips for getting your social media presence under control: from clarifying your brand to using a scheduling tool.

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How to create blog content that boosts product sales

Are you a fan of the content upgrade or the email sequence? Me too. But the funny thing about automation is it keeps doing the job even when you’re business has moved on and you’ve completely forgotten about it.

Cue broke links and awesome content upgrades that don’t get your readers to do a single thing. Sarah Morgan shows you how to work backwards and make sure your content marketing strategy doesn’t have any gaps.

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How to land writing clients with advanced Facebook ad targeting

Sometimes you need to spend money to make money. I know it’s scary. Thankfully, Kristi Hines has written a step-by-step guide for creating targeted Facebook ads (which I plan on using!).

While I’m not the biggest fan of Facebook it does have some perks and one of those is it lets you get really specific about the types of people who would benefit from your service. Before you spend big bucks on marketing spend $20 on Facebook first and test your assumptions.

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‘Influencers’ are dying and I’m not sad about it

Say goodbye to sun-kissed beach babes and Instagram hunks. People are losing interest in influencer marketing because people don’t like being sold to.

And this is a good thing. Now, brands are being forced to show their personality and treat customers as intelligent human beings (pretty obvious stuff, I know).

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You’re spam until you prove otherwise

Is your blog a ghost town? Want more email subscribers? (Your mum doesn’t count). Instead of trying to steal people’s attention any way you can, you need to accept the key to your relationship online lies in one fundamental principle: you’re spam until you prove otherwise.

Rachel Allen gives it to you straight and debunks the myth people are arseholes. We’re all exposed to upwards of 100,000 words a day. We don’t have time for marketing crap, am I right?

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Did these articles give you the confidence to make friends on the internet? Have a great article you’d like to share? Let me know below.


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