Being an adult is hard

When I was a kid being a grown-up seemed so much fun. Adults have so much control and power I thought. Can’t I just grow up already?

Now every Sunday when I have to go grocery shopping, change the bed-sheets or pay the electricity bill I wish I was a kid again.

Being an adult is hard.

Especially when you have to plan your career and choose what areas of your life to focus on. Not to mention dealing with the social pressures and expectations we’re faced with each day: Following your passion but having an approved career or being seen to be perfect vs a non-functioning human being, am I right?

That’s why I’ve found the best articles on being an adult. So ignore your overflowing washing basket and put your feet up instead.

I give you permission to do nothing today but read these articles and whinge to anyone who will listen about how shitty it is being an adult.

If You’ve Ever Been Called A ‘Job-Hopper,’ Read This

Forget the naysayers and continue on your path.

It’s a job-hopper’s world, these days. And nobody else can run your career for you — you have to run it yourself.

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Happy Ambition

Why do some people work so hard? Why do they maintain such relentless professional ambition?

When it comes to evaluating the decisions that make up a person’s life, the why question is hard. People are a bundle of both selfish and selfless motivations; riddled with unconscious biases; and deeply influenced by the people in our social circles.

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Quitting Your Job to Pursue Your Passion is Bullshit

Quitting your cushy, high-paid, full-time job to follow your passion isn’t brave or courageous. Although people would like you to believe it is.

In reality the “quit your job to peruse your passion” message is only beneficial for privileged people and very dangerous for working class people.

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The problem with ‘#AdultingIsHard’ and the internet’s self-deprecating trend

Hang around on the internet and you’ll find people who have “forgotten how to adult”.

The new trend to take a day off from “adulting” is all about rejecting the trappings of adulthood in favour of a more “relatable” online persona.

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Being a Go-Getter Is No Fun

Research suggests that competent employees are assigned more work—but they don’t always like it.

Mostly because why should you do more work for the same reward, while your less capable co-worker coasts along with lower expectations and work?

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What do you find hard about being an adult? Let me know in a comment below.


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