Free business resources from my fav bosses
Free business resources from my fav bosses

When you’ve got your head down doing client work it’s easy to forget about your own goals.

When the work starts to pile up we often go to the gym less, read less, cook less, create less and dream less. It’s so important we make time to work on our own projects, and even to just stare out the window at the clouds.

That’s why the last few weeks I’ve been working hard on my own business. I’ve put aside time to experiment with marketing, SEO, and back-end processes. And I’ve learnt a lot. During this time I found a tonne of amazing online resources, and I’ve pulled the best ones together in this post for you.


80 Marketing Ideas For You To Try

“Marketing is all about finding people and building a relationship with them,” says Kate Toholka.

Kate’s spot on. And she’s pulled together 80 of the best ways to find new potentials customers and convert the ones you already have. From content marketing to social media to offline marketing, she’s got you covered.


Job Tracking Tool For Copywriters

Glenn Murray has a self-professed tracking obsession.

“But there’s one tracking obsession that I can honestly say is absolutely critical to my life and work: job tracking.”

His obsession is our gain. He’s pulled together a simple but effective job tracking tool that will make sure you don’t lose your cool when it comes to managing clients and getting shit done.


13 Things You Should Read For Business Sake

Sarah Von Bargen is the queen of curated posts. But this would have to be my fav so far.

Learn about using Canva For Work, how to use Google Analytics to improve your website, and jump start your freelance career.


Starting A Podcast For People Who Don’t Want Their Lives Taken Over By Podcasting

I love, love, love Paul Jarvis’s writing. It’s always a great read, super helpful and motivating. He makes running a successful business seem totally doable.

This post is no different. Paul covers everything you need to know about podcasting, from what equipment you need to how to promote your podcast once it’s recorded.


The Smart Copywriter’s Guide To Copy Decks: Presenting Your Copywriting (so your client loves you before they read it)

“Can’t I just paste my copy into a word document and email it over?” I moan.

I’m sure you’ve thought the same thing.

But Belinda Weaver is here to convince you otherwise:

“Well, yes, you can do that. But what happens when your copy is printed out and popped onto a desk, along with 30 other documents to be read, and then shuffled around? Your client picks it up and vaguely remembers it’s their website copywriting but… Who wrote it again? When was it sent through? Is it the final version?

Confusion reigns!”

Belinda explains what a copy deck is, why you should use one, and how to create a template that works for you.


66 Super Simple SEO Tips

Kate Toon collected 66 super simple one sentence Search Engine Optimisation tips to “help you get your site in tip top condition for some good Google lovin.”

Thank god for Kate. SEO isn’t super hard to understand (and action) once it’s written in normal speak.


Hate ideal client exercises?

Courtney Johnston suggests you follow her method instead.

“Making up a fake person is hard. I’m not a fiction writer; I’m an entrepreneur.”

Creating ideal client personas has never worked for me either. I much prefer to think of an actual friend or client (and I’ve even used myself) when I’m profiling my target market.


What resources have you found to be super helpful?


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