5 podcasts that will make you a better storyteller
5 podcasts that will make you a better storyteller-podcast-option-on-computer

I’m a big fan of podcasts mainly because they let my eyes have a rest. I spend hours every day reading and writing so it’s nice to be able to use my ears for a bit.

I’ve dipped in and out of a few podcasts but the five below are ones I listen to regularly. I love them because they aren’t overly produced and marketed (although Love being boss is headed in that direction). And while you may walk away from these podcasts with a list of practical tips, you’ll also leave a better storyteller.

The hosts and guest speakers are great at talking about who they are, what they do and why they do it. They make sharing their expertise seem easy. They also make you think about how stories are crafted, how we draw meaning from them, and how certain individuals become known in their fields.

If you’re a writer, marketer or business owner, I recommend you listen to these five podcasts. Storytelling is a key component to success, and these podcasts will help you become a better storyteller.


Hot Copy

The Hot Copy podcast is for new to recently established copywriters. It’s a collaboration between Australian copywriters Belinda Weaver and Kate Toon. I look to these two ladies when I need inspiration on how to run a successful copywriting business and advice on how to use words.

Tune into the podcast for copywriting tips, shortcuts, writing resources, and interviews. You’ll get everything you need to become a better writer. My personal favourite episode was an interview with Tom Albrighton.


So you want to be a writer

If you get lonely as a writer I recommend listening to this podcast while you work. Valarie Khoo and Allison Tait are Australia writers who are obviously best friends, too. They share stories on their cats and children, as well as regular industry updates, publishing trends, introduce hot new authors, and more!

If you’re a newbie writer who’s looking for advice on words to avoid or ways to get published, this podcast is for you. While you’re there, I also recommend checking out their legendary Q&As.


Love being boss

The Love being boss podcast is for creative entrepreneurs who want advice about running a successful business and how to stay motivated when you no longer answer to the man. American business owners Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon came onto the podcast scene early in 2015 and got established pretty fast.

If you’ve just started running your own business, and design and branding aren’t your strengths, then this podcast can help. Tuning into the guest speaker episodes are great for established business owners, too because you get to hear the different paths people took to find their success. Episode 17 on how to sell your creative work with Kendrick Shope was gold.


The brand journalism advantage

If you’re a journalist or marketer, American Phoebe Chongchua’s podcast is a must listen. She interviews experts around the world about how you can use content marketing, social media, PR, and video storytelling, to gain a competitive advantage.

She’s also super friendly and accessible. She’s helped me out a few times with various business questions and advice. My favourite episode would be with Leona Devaz (she’s a good mate so I’m super biased) who shared how to build a brand and freelance business with relationship marketing.


Brand storytelling

This podcast is hosted again by Phoebe Chonhchua and Newsmodo’s Founder and CEO Rakhal Ebeli. If you’re keen to hear from all the usual content marketing favourites – Jeff Bullas, Trevor Young, Kath Walters, and more – then this is the best place to go.

If you’re new to the content marketing scene I’d recommend listening to a few of the episodes and then going to each guest speaker’s website’s to learn more. All the featured speakers are content lovers and their blogs are filled with useful guides, resources and tips. The Newsmodo blog (I write for them!) is also another great resource.


Share your favourite podcasts below, I’d love to know which ones you listen to.


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Should you start a podcast?

Should you start a podcast?

Do you genuinely want to start a podcast? Or do you think it’s the only way to grow your audience, share your expertise and produce evergreen content?


Should you start a podcast?

Should you start a podcast?

Do you genuinely want to start a podcast? Or do you think it’s the only way to grow your audience, share your expertise and produce evergreen content?