Act into a new way of thinking
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Is your business plan slowing you down?

Is your to-do list limiting your creativity?

Is your routine consuming all your motivation?

I’m a fan of business plans, to-do lists and routines but lately I’ve embraced a new way of living. I’ve become a doer.

My structures weren’t letting me live the day I wanted to. They were holding me back. So I decided to ditch them and see what my days would be like when I acted instead of thought everything through. If I wanted to go to the gym I went. If I wanted to read a book I made time. If I wanted to write I did. If I wanted to lay around and stare out the window I did that too.

We’re told that we need structure to function but too many boundaries is limiting. Sometimes you just need to do it. You need to get up each day and start. Do one little thing even if you can’t see how it fits or if it’s worth your time. And even if it’s against what everyone says you should be doing. If it feels right in the moment then do it.

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What I’ve learnt by being a doer is sometimes you need to act into a new way of thinking instead of thinking into a new way of acting. My ideas have been clearer and I feel like I’ve achieved more the last few weeks by doing than I have previously with all my perfectly crafted plans.

Are your business plans, to-do lists and routines actually helping you? Or are they preventing you from growing, finding new ways of working and doing what you love?

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