7 pieces of advice for freelancers
A man kicking a soccer ball in Paris


Here’s some great advice from people starter than me.

  • Don’t get critiques from your heroes get them from the intern with fresh and unspoiled eyes.
  • Popularity is not a success metric in physical world so why is it in the digital world?
  • Every job has your signature on it, make sure you’re happy to sign your work.
  • Ideas naturally demise over time unless you start taking action and start iterating.
  • It is important to be stubborn. But you’ve got to be stubborn to the right people.
  • You learn your best lessons through your failures, not your successes.
  • Every day only give 80% of your full capacity. It’s a long distance race not a sprint.


What great advice have you been told or read as a freelancer? Share it in the comments below.

Featured image by Rachel Kurzyp. Photo taken in Paris.

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