A sense of belonging
African elephant in Tanzania

Your herd is out there.
You won’t find them living as you currently do.
To belong, you first need to know who you are and accept yourself as you are.
This is no easy task.
You hide from yourself in curious ways.
You prefer the comfort of others to being alone, even if those others wear stripes, while you wear spots.
You prefer well-trod roads with a destination in sight to climbing up hill and witnessing a sunrise at the peak.
You prefer low hanging fruit that is plentiful and sweet to searching for food, which is rare and has substance.
Your biggest mistake is the belief that by blending in or following those in front that you will belong.
Finding your herd and your sense of belonging however, can only happen after you have a sense of self.
Until you stare at your reflection in the river, you won’t see the animal you are.
Once you know, you’ll stand taller, speak louder and walk with purpose.
You’ll make yourself known.
Others now able to see you, drawn near.
You can live as you want to.
Your herd will find you.

Featured image of an Africa elephant in Tanzania by Rachel Kurzyp.

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