Success is different for each person
A cup of tea

Success shouldn’t be defined by how much money you have, who knows you, or what your job title is. I think success should be defined based on happiness and your ability to do what you love.

I’ve judged others, and been judged, on materialistic factors: employment status, pay rises and promotions, and invitations to exclusive events. Why?

I copied what I saw reflected around me. I chased down these factors like those before and when I got them, I wondered why I felt only exhaustion and competitiveness.

I asked myself what my goals really were and I can’t say I was surprised with my answers – not one was materialistic, all were achievable and none required me to compete with others.

Success is different for each person. Forget about those around you and what you’ve been told to want. Make your goals happen on your own terms and find what success means to you.

Featured image by Rachel Kurzyp.

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