Thank you reality TV for rekindling my love for documentaries

I’m so farking over reality TV.

Every night my TV tries to convince me that I’m a nobody if I’m not “following my dream”, “seeking perfection” or “putting it all on the line.” And that my “only chance” to “show what I’m made of” will quickly pass me by unless I claim my glorious 15 seconds of fame.

But it’s all bullshit.

I don’t see people “living their dream” I see people being put under the most immense pressure until they break. I see people at a time when they are at their most vulnerable; small aspects of their personality blown out of proportion then edited so ruthlessly that people become one-dimensional “characters” – good and evil. We don’t really feel anything for these people, instead we love to watch them fail.

We’re addicted to the show’s format – the intense highs and lows and the ridiculousness scenarios; we enjoy watching the contestants being made to draw on emotional, personal stories to justify their participation. We love hearing about “finding love”, dead grandma’s recipe and a parents dying wish because we want to believe we can care about others, but only invest 15 seconds worth of energy.

Reality TV isn’t a chance for “real” people to get ahead. It’s just another advertising tool, a way for brands to make their way into our homes and sell us products and ideals under the pretense of supporting personal success and fulfillment.

I just can’t watch it anymore.

Thankfully, my disgust in reality TV has rekindled my love for documentaries.

I’ve recently enjoyed the below documentaries. You might too:


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Featured image from Wikimedia Commons.

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