Save the Children Australia you’ve done it again!
Save the Children Australia uses poverty porn

Three weeks ago, I was disappointed with Save the Children Australia’s use of poverty porn in their Child Sponsorship ad for these five reasons. A complaint was sent to ACFID, who in turn spoke with Save the Children Australia. The video has now been removed. A result I’m very pleased with.

However, I was surprised on Sunday evening when I saw the organisation had released a new TV ad. While this video is an improvement from the last, there is still much to be disappointed about.

Here is the new ad.

It is clear then that the use of poverty porn was not the result of bad judgment but a specific marketing tactic. This tactic confuses me because I find it hard to accept that an organisation I worked for and was an advocate of would choose to present the people they said they want to help in this way.

Save the Children Australia has yet to comment on their TV ads. I really wish they would.

I welcome any comment from the organisation and would be happy to share their response here on my blog.

Organisations continue to use bad marketing tactics like this because they feel the end justifies the means and supporters will donate.

Save the Children Australia









Please let Save the Children Australia know that producing poverty porn is not ok.

Tell them you won’t support an organisation that doesn’t up hold the rights of individuals and communities. You can post a comment on their Facebook or send them an email. And you can write a complaint to ACFID.


Featured images are screen shots of Save the Children Australia’ ads.

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