Why my trolley is filled with bacon

How come as soon as you’re told you can’t have something that’s all you think about?

Last week the doctor handed down bad news. I could no longer eat carbs. There goes beer and pizza night on Fridays, I thought. I tried to think about the positives. Maybe I’ll finally be forced to commit to healthy lifestyle? I’ll have a bikini body in no time! I got excited.

That was until I found myself at a Mexican restaurant trying to decide which meal would have the least amount of carbohydrates. Beef tacos or chicken chimichanga? I was feeling flustered by the time the waiter came to take my order. I’d only been on the diet for three days and I was already floundering. So I asked the waiter about healthy meal options, and he looked at me like, yep she’s going to be a difficult one. Great. I’d turned into one of those people.

I’ve since restricted myself to eating at home. When I go grocery shopping my eyes linger over the bags of chips and biscuits. My stomach grumbles. The one luxury I’ve granted myself, amongst the lettuce leaves and celery sticks, is bacon. Mmm bacon. My new best friend.

Does anyone have good low-carb or carb free recipes?


Featured image from Wikimedia.

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