A life in tram-sit
Melbourne Tram.

Yesterday I launched #tramdiaries.

I wanted a way to capture all the weird, wonderful and completely random moments that I was seeing everyday on my 1.5 hour tram journey to and from work.

You could call it fate, as this morning I had the most surreal tram experience of them all.

For the last five months I’ve been catching the 5 tram nearly every work day. I always sit in the same seat which happens to be across from an old lady who too always sits in the same seat. For months she just stared at me. And I mean really stared. So two months ago I decided I couldn’t ignore it anymore. So I started smiling at her. She just stared. One month ago she started smiling back. Today I said hello. This is what she said to me. “You look exactly like I imagined my daughter would look like of she was alive. She died when she was two.” I replied. “My sister died when she was two. My mum used to say the same thing about a girl that worked at the grocery store.” She said “thank you” and turned to face the window. #tramdiaries

I hope that this collection of stories and pictures makes you laugh, smile and go OMG did this really happen? Because I assure you, it did!

For those of you who have the pleasure of using public transport (trams, trains or automobiles…)  I hope #tramdiaries gives you a way to pass the time and is a place where you can share your stories.

A big thanks to my tramdiaries co-founder buddies, Celia and Bonnie.

Here are some of my favourite moments so far.

What is paradise? I say it’s catching a tram in school holidays. I was able to actually get off without being whipped by a ponytail #seatsgalore #tramdiaries

Just tried to swipe into the office with my Myki. Actually worried I’m touched on. #remembertotouchonandoff #tramdiaries

Standing at corner of Glenferrie Road when an old guy runs past wearing red speedos with a black singlet tucked in and white knee high socks. He then decided to cock a leg and stretch out against the light pole before running off. I looked around and everyone had their mouths wide open in shock. This is the shit you get to see when you tram. tramdiaries

I am not making this up. We all had to get off the tram and push it along the road a few meters so it would restart. Had some tradies from the Balaclava pub cheering us on. tramdiaries

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Featured image from Wikimedia.

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