Living my dream

How many of us can actually say we are living our dream? Who has their hands wrapped around their dream so tightly that they taste, smell and breathe it in everyday? I want to be one of those people, but like many, my way forward has been clouded by my own self-doubt, complacency and fear. I have the determination but I worry that I don’t have the talent. Do you need both to realise your dream?

When I was a child everyone told me to dream.

Dream big they’d say. I’ve always known what I wanted, that was never the problem. But how do you get there? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself. Every few years I do a reality check where I look at where I’m headed to make sure I’m in track. This time round it has been harder to refocus and keep that inner voice saying I can do it. My life is good why would I want to take a risk and change it? It’s easier to not question or challenge myself but when I do I don’t feel right.

It’s through this internal struggle that I’ve come to accept there are no clear paths or perfect next steps. You simply need to follow that feeling you have in the pit of your stomach and block out all the other noise.

How do you stay focused on your dream?


Featured image by Rachel Kurzyp.

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