Why I’m addicted to likes
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First I should mention that I am a serial liker. I’m one of those Facebook crazies that ‘likes’ about 20% of their news feed. I think I am particularly bad first thing in the morning when I am standing at the train station looking through my feed for updates on my friends, cool things and news. I get a special kind of buzz when I get a like. The odd comment gives me a smile too. I guess you could say I’m addicted. The funny thing is I think I enjoy giving the like as much as I do receiving it.

Now this got me thinking. Surely I am not the only serial liker out there and if this is the case what is it I am getting out of this kind of interaction and/or connection? While I don’t have any scientific explanation at this stage I think I can explain why my heart beats faster and I get a bounce in my step when I see that little white thumbs up.

I have never been good at receiving compliments.

I just feel plain awkward and uncomfortable. I go red in the face and usually utter some lame thank you before trying to hide behind my hair. While I cringe at being publically praised I actually enjoy giving others compliments. I think we are often too critical of ourselves, I know I am, and a simple word of praise can put us at ease.

What I like about the Facebook like is that it’s a compliment, just a virtual one. This is great in my case, as I don’t have to think of a polite reply straight away and then run to the bathroom to throw cold water on my face. I get to enjoy the compliment for what it is. What I think is even better is It allows me to connect with my friends who I may not get to see every day. Nothing makes me feel better than when I congratulate a friend for achieving one of their dreams.

While it’s true I can receive the tingling feeling offline, I Iove the fact social media provides a space where individuals can share positive experiences where ever they are in the world. What’s surprising is lately I have been getting better at receiving face-to-face compliments. I wonder if my Facebook likes addiction is to thank for this?


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