You, my friend, are a fun-loving and spirited Monstera Deliciosa.

Coming up with ideas is like breathing for you. Finding the time to act on them is what’s stopping your business from growing.

It’s clear that you CARE DEEPLY about your clients and your work. But you may be feeling resentful that your clients aren’t valuing your skillsets and expertise. 

You are so close to building a business that allows you to show up as your full self and be FINANCIALLY REWARDED for the LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS you get for your clients. 

What you need is time to work on your business, not in it.

Are you ready? Keep reading to learn more.

As a Monstera Deliciosa, this is what a thriving business environment looks like for you.

A predictable and sustainable income that gives you the peace of mind to explore your creative ideas.

Having multiple ways to express and replenish your creativity means you never have to slow down to recharge.

Minimising and preventing interruptions so you can find your flow when your energy peaks.

Clients who value your multiple skillsets and knowledge give you permission to infuse all of yourself in your work.

Time in your calendar to daydream, explore and create helps you decide what ideas to bring to life and what ideas to leave dormant.

To give your business the TLC it needs, try these ideas out.

Even if you’re consistently booked out or reaching your income goal, set aside one day a month to check in with your business. Being multiskilled and generous means you can easily fall into the trap of overdelivering and undercharging, and this leads to resentment and exhaustion over time. 

Remember: you don’t have to give all of yourself to your clients. You should be devoting as much time, energy, and creativity to your business’s growth as you do to your client work. 

If you find yourself sitting in hustle mode, ask yourself: Is it time to raise my rates? Hire support? Implement a content marketing strategy? Or change my services?

And if your clients disagree with the changes you make, it’s time to let them go. There are clients out there who will pay for your high-level skillsets and cross-discipline knowledge. You need to trust in yourself and believe in your self-worth.

YOUR CREATIVE EXPLORATION FUELS YOUR BUSINESS. If you can’t remember the last time you gave yourself permission to dream and let your mind wander, you need to start taking yourself on creative dates.

Set aside a few hours a week to dive into a creative project or explore a business idea you have. Don’t judge yourself or set expectations. Instead, enjoy the freedom. 

Come back to your ideas or project a few days later and reflect. Is this idea worth pursuing further? Can you implement your learnings into your work? Would your clients benefit from being a part of your process?

You’ll be surprised how quickly an idea can bloom into a new profitable service or lead to an opportunity to share your expertise when you GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO CREATE.

Share your business’ plant persona.

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I’ve been embracing a multi-passionate approach to my career and life for over 14 years.

I’m a marketing coach, award-winning copywriter, published author, international speaker and teacher.

I support women in building ethical, sustainable, and profitable businesses without choosing between their passions, compromising their values to make money, and using unethical tactics.

The business world loves saying you should get in the head of your ideal client, niche down, and get strategic with your content.

But if you find yourself hesitating because you’re afraid you’ll lose clients or you want to work with different people, or you’re not an expert yet, I don’t blame you. 

There’s a lot of bad advice when it comes to creating your services and marketing your business.

After running a successful service-based business, launching my own profitable programs and courses, starting a podcast, and being featured in the media, I’ve learned a thing or two about how people get trapped in client rut and a lousy content marketing cycle. And how to get them focused and growing again.

My job is to help you identify your niche, build a signature service, and launch with confidence, so you can finally work with dreamy clients and run a business that supports your multi-passionate lifestyle. 

I’ve helped over 3,000 people across my programs and workshops, and I can help you too.

And because as a fellow plant owner, I know you’re dying to ask…I have 40 indoor plant babies. My first plant was a Boston Fern (It’s still alive eight years later!). I’m currently obsessed with my Pink Panther, and I’m holding out for the perfect Birds of Prey for my home office. 

You’ve discovered your business’ plant persona… now what?

It’s time to grow a thriving business that supports YOUR multi-passionate lifestyle.

Financial freedom is only a season away if you start planting the seeds today.

Here’s how to do that…