Helping you


And let go of the marketing rules that have kept you bite-sized and palatable

If you could create the business you wanted, what would it LOOK and FEEL like?

There’s nothing selfish, silly or irresponsible about becoming the main character in your story.

It’s time to let go of the shoulds and what others feel is possible for you.

You could do anything if you dared. Deep down, you know that too. And that’s what scares you.

Whatever your wildest dream is, I want that for you. And I’m going to help you get it.

Let’s work TOGETHER

Let go of Shoulds

We will create a content marketing plan that works with your time constraints, responsibilities and capacity so that you can consistently fill your client roster no matter the season you’re in.

Sharp Edges

A dedicated space where you can be curious, experiment, test and tweak your business model, offerings, sales strategies and content until everything clicks, with me in the arena alongside you.

Hi, I’m Rachel Kurzyp

Instead of following the rules, I’m BENDING, MOULDING and REIMAGINING them.

I no longer batch my content. I don’t use a project management system. I stopped offering group programs. I retired all my lead magnets. I refuse to do 12-week live launches. I let my team go.

And I’ve never slept better or made more money.

For over 16 year’s I’ve supported my clients to voice what they really want, make a game plan to get them there and course-correct on the way.

I can help you achieve the financial stability, creative safety and groundedness you journal about.

Love notes

“Rachel gives personalised specialist marketing advice and recommendations based on your unique skills, strengths and what you have to offer the world. She genuinely cares and wants you to succeed, is generous with her knowledge, honest with her feedback and a thought leader in her industry.”

—Sue Ko

Working with Rachel has changed my life. Now I’m attracting more of my dream clients who value the work I do, increasing my prices, getting booked two months in advance and working on bigger and more interesting projects. All the while, being able to stop working late nights and weekends and take a day off without feeling immense guilt.”

—Korii Scrivener

By simplifying my services and getting clear on my message, I had a $7k month followed by a $10k month. I also grew my online community and saw my Instagram followers go up from 320 to 425 followers over 3 months”

—Rachel Clark, SEO Website Designer