Client love

and incredible results.

Nothing makes me happier than working with my clients and witnessing the incredible transformations, and SUCCESS they create for themselves.

If you are looking for a marketing coach with a proven framework and system for getting clear on how to grow your business, Rachel's 1:1 coaching sessions are well worth the investment.

“From the preliminary questions, to the post-session action plan and custom selected workbooks, the process is very well thought out and she leaves no stone unturned. 

Rachel gives personalised specialist marketing advice and recommendations based on your unique skills, strengths and what you have to offer the world. She genuinely cares and wants you to succeed, is generous with her knowledge, honest with her feedback and a thought leader in her industry.”

—Sue Ko

Rachel’s unique approach and easy going nature makes her the bomb diggity.

If you want clarity and direction with a few a-ha moments thrown in,  Rachel is your gal. I chose to work with her because I needed help creating a plan to scale, launch and sell my membership. 

The support and additional resources Rachel provided helped me to overcome imposter syndrome and move my membership away from an evergreen model that was preventing me from making sales.”

– Shay Bianco

Rachel was amazing to work with! She gave me the confidence to start a mailing list, create a sequence and launch my first ever mini E-book!

Rachel helped me understand my “Why” and identify what my true values are both personally and professionally. 

If you are struggling to launch a digital product, new service or need some guidance and a confidence boost, Rachel is the perfect person to get you out of your own way and make bigger things in your business happen.”

 – Jess Lily 

Rachel’s framework has helped me discover my dream clients, create a signature service (which I didn't think was even possible for my service offerings) and gave me the opportunity to work on my business.

Rachel is incredibly talented and has a wealth of knowledge to share when it comes to all aspects within this program. Rachel is only too happy to share what she knows to help other business owners learn so much more about themselves and their business.

I’m walking away with a new signature service offering that works well for both myself and my dream clients, an updated website, content creation plan and a launch strategy + so much more. I’ve also developed friendships and connections with other clients + with Rachel. To me, this is priceless in the business world.”

 – Jessie King 

After following Rachel on Instagram for a while I wanted to invest in her services. I'd been struggling to create content marketing that converted my audience into paying clients.

Before working with Rachel I knew messaging and copy was important for marketing your business, but damn, Rachel has perfected it so not only are you easily writing content that connects with your audience but it also sounds authentically like you. She gets you to dig into your dream client’s psyche which when it comes to marketing is incredibly valuable, and was a critical piece I was missing in my own content marketing.

Since working with Rachel, I’ve had an increase in client interest from my social content and this has resulted in booking out my services in the pre-launch and making client bookings two months in advance.

Aside from all of this, Rachel is a delight to work with, super thoughtful, shares her innovative ideas + solutions with you, and someone all growing business owners should have in their corner.”

– Natalie Faith

Rachel is generous and thorough. Her all-in-one program walks you through most of what you need to know on how to take your business from where it is right now, towards your next big goal.

It’s been helpful for me as an artist in business in creating a service that’s unique and feels good to me, communicate with my clients authentically, and show up as an expert in my field.

With Rachel’s expertise, business and mindset strategies, I was able to get clear on what I want from my business and how I can play my strengths to help my clients. Now I feel confident that when I’m stuck with something, I can use the information she taught me to keep overcoming obstacles. 

Rachel has shown me how to look after myself and the business in ways I haven’t learned from other business courses I’ve taken in the past. Rachel cares and rallies for me even on days when I can’t do it myself.”

—Anna Manual

I signed up for The Creative Freedom Method because I was ready to become a freelance writer, but was unsure where to start with building my business wisely. It was one of the best decisions I've made for my career.

Without TCFM, I would have continued experimenting with popular trends, basing my business plans on guesses and random marketing tactics, and following repeated advice from the “experts” rather than digging deep into what I want my business to be. 

Rachel provided useful feedback in the workbooks, and was readily available to answer questions, even with the 13-hour time difference! As both a guide and a friend, Rachel made sure I had valuable information going forward after each call, even when I had no idea what I was doing. She taught me to believe in myself and that no dream is too high to achieve. If you’re ready to create a plan for your business, I HIGHLY recommend this program. You will find the answers you’re looking for to launch a signature service you’re crazy about, and gain long-term insight about your business you didn’t know you needed.”

—Anna Meyer

I came to Rachel because I was looking for more strategic and customised one-on-one support to build a business rather than a cookie-cutter one-way approach via an online course.

I was struggling with the best way to take my experience and work it into a signature service that would be aligned with my vision and big goals. I wanted someone I could bounce ideas around with so I could feel supported. Plus, copywriting was not my strength and I wanted to learn to write better copy.

Since completing TCFM, I have more clarity on my positioning, I have created two signature services, and I feel confident I’m on the right track to reach my goals. I liked Rachels authentic, honest, and caring approach. She wants the best for you and goes out of her way to help get you results and momentum. And a bonus was she creates a community as well.”

—Kate Harris